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  1. Settings-> Advanced-> then unselected "Simple Mode" Then you can choose which folder to sync. -Suntan
  2. Thanks for a quick Android update! Root folders (including ExtSDCard) are now accessible. Just backed up the pictures on my SD card. Much appreciated. -Suntan
  3. I have just begun to test out BTSync and I have found the same thing. I have a rooted GS5 running 4.4.2, I have cirumvented the SD Card restrictions in KitKat such that all apps have full control of read/write access to the ext SD Card, but I do not have the option to select ExtSDCard folders (aside from the default "/Android/data/com/bitorrent.sync/fies/" folder) within Sync for setting up folders. Access to the external SD Card is a big deal. It is where I natively store the DCIM photos taken, as well as all other user data. -Suntan