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  1. Hi, My feature request is some basic sort options for the mobile versions of Sync. Right now it does alphabetical sort but it would be nice to have maybe date sort also.
  2. I use it to get eBooks and pdf magazines from my desktop onto iPads. There are several iPads in the house and also I have friends and relations who will visting and say "hey can I borrow that book?" etc. So I just give them a Sync link to my ebooks folder and they can copy whatever they want. It's much better than fooling around with iTunes.
  3. Hi, I use one-way Sync as a way of quickly getting files from my computer onto my iPad - ebooks, pdfs etc. The problem is that some of the sync folders have hundreds of subfolders (authors etc) so when im finished reading them, it's very laborious to manually locate and delete each file that is stored locally on the iPad. The 'show synced' function doesn't really help much because I still have to nagivate into tonnes of folders to locate the ones that are stored locally. Is there a way to simply delete all locally stored files with one button? Without deleting the actual Sync partnerships obviously. I swear I remember this feature existing but today I can't for the life of me find it or remember how to do it. Am I going nuts? Thanks
  4. Hi, I just started using Bittorrent Sync to transfer PDFs from my desktop to my iPad. It is a great application, thanks. So on my iPad, I select a pdf to sync, after it has transferred I click it and select 'open in iBooks'. Now I can see it in my iBooks library and read it. When I am finished reading it, if I delete it in iBooks it seems to stay ticked in BT Sync. And if I delete it in BT Sync it seems to stay readable in iBooks. Is it stored twice on my iPad? Do I need to delete it from both BT and iBooks to fully get rid of it off my iPad? Thanks so much