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  1. @Gane O'dwyer Thanks. That makes sense when remembering that they are standard folders. If space sharing and using the encrypted option it would be really nice to have visual confirmation from the owner machine that your 'friend' only has the encrypted key.
  2. When using the encrypted folder option and having multiple peers with different access rights is there a way to identify which peer has what level? And change it from the Owner machine? Not seeing the dropdown like with the advanced folder option.
  3. Been away for awhile but just bought Pro so I was re configuring MyDevices and ran into this problem again/still. I surely thought it would have been resolved by now. Helen - thanks for that but it's not really the correct answer or solution to this. It's a step backwards. Reiterating a lot of this thread but what we should be able to do is create an Advanced folder on MyDeviceA then go to MyDeviceB and connect it. During the connect process it should ask us if it's RW or RO. The Advanced folder says you can change permissions on the fly so why shouldn't it be able to do this when using MyDevices. We should have the ability on MyDeviceB at anytime to change it from RW to RO. Using Standard folders and copying keys isn't what is needed here.
  4. I don't get it. Why do it like this? To my knowledge the biggest issues were with the imposed 10 folder limit and subscription model you had to pay for to avoid the 10 folder limit. Now you remove the 10 folder limit in the free version and introduce a lifetime license that gives you Selective Sync and Permission Changing. Also the license is only for 2.x -the ONLY reference I have found to that is in the post above and the FAQ regarding that is horribly worded. We also don't know if your major releases are on a yearly cycle or not - @PowerScissor was spot on with his post/questions. I never got the impression that the Selective Sync or Permission Changing was as big a part of the argument in the 'broke a promise' thread as the 10 folder limit. I just don't see the business sense in it. It seems like you would get a lot more purchasers if you had either required the pseudo-lifetime license to get > 10 folders OR it was truly an absolute lifetime license. For all I know I am in the minority but those two features aren't enough to sell me on 2.x yet.
  5. Thanks RomanZ. Hopefully that's posted somewhere official or added to the FAQ 'Answer'.
  6. My question is the same as the FAQ question: If I purchase a non-subscription license of Sync for personal use, will I be charged for major product updates in the future? The 'Answer' refers to a standard product warranty and subscription support which I don't see how that answers the question.
  7. Can someone clarify this as I am not seeing how the answer addresses the question? (from FAQ) Q: If I purchase a non-subscription license of Sync for personal use, will I be charged for major product updates in the future? A: Non-subscription licenses will be subject to the standard product warranty but no Priority subscription support.
  8. I do this currently with Allway Sync. It watches a few of my BTSync folders and when it detects a file change it does a oneway sync to a NAS so I can delete stuff from BTSync but the NAS always has a copy. You could do something similar until the feature gets added to BTSync.
  9. @colinabroad - don't we all @newvisionmedia - like colin said, using keys or manually linking them is the way to go. I can't seem to get the granular control like I want if I use mydevices. To do this I created a new folder on PC A selecting a drive. Then shared the link via email, opened it on PC B and when prompted for the save location I selected the a drive (I think I had to actually 'open' the drive in the select window), click OK, and then delete the automatically appended drive letter from PC A.
  10. Not accurate. BtSync can handle syncing drives just fine. No need to create a root folder for it.
  11. ^^ this is more and more becoming the issue. This thread specifically was a hot topic with a lot (some good some not) of feedback. Yet there was very, very little response from staff. So my greatest disappointment isn't so much the changes in 2.0 but the lack of explanation and consideration from the staff. A lot of users commented on the integrity of the company with the 2.0 changes but this lack of acknowledgement/caring speaks more to their [lack of] integrity in my book.
  12. Ah gotcha. Gotta watch those User B's out there... Hopefully a mod or someone that has tested the overwrites can chime in (I always check Overwrite Changes as it fits my needs) but how I understand it is (basically yes to your last question): Assuming Overwrite Changes isn't checked for User B or C 1. User A (source) shares the R/O key 2. User B changes a file they received from User A. That file is now outside of the sync process kind of like it was added to the IgnoreList 3. User C would not get anything until User A comes online because User B doesn't really have the file
  13. Great. I wouldn't have expected the read/write key either especially given it's the camera backup.
  14. I don't have an iOS device with me at the moment but my guess is that it's just the link that isn't backwards compatible. In android under advanced settings you can choose to use 1.4 keys instead of links. I would see if that's there on iOS and try to connect using the key.
  15. There is a setting on their side for the share called something like Overwrite Changes. If that is checked then their changes are replaced with the source otherwise that file is now excluded. Same for 1 or 100 clients. Fake content?
  16. 'Ever'? Maybe - future's unpredictable. But for now, no. That's not syncing which is all btsync is for.
  17. Are your trials somehow already up? If not, why go to Pro before they are? (Not a loaded question)
  18. If you're happy with it why do you want to be convinced otherwise? I recommend reading the Broke A Promise thread for people's reasoning. No point repeating it all again.
  19. I don't have one to say yes/no although I wouldn't waste my time going that route even if possible. Seems like a lot of unnecessary overhead on the TVs resources. Is there a reason you can't use something like Plex?
  20. You need to provide more detail on issue #1. What do you mean you cannot access your shared folder? Can you provide a screenshot for issue #2?
  21. Ok, I don't have a Mac to test this on but maybe someone else here can for you.
  22. wweich's way of removing it prior to uninstalling btsync definitely seems the best way by far. Though it looks like there is a way to do it on Windows but it doesn't seem to propagate to all of the other valid MyDevices. Not sure if there will be any repurcusions after the trial is over either... In \AppData\Roaming\BitTorrent Sync\.SyncUserXXXXXXXX\ there is a devices folder. I stopped BTSync, opened the folders and read through the info.dat files, finding two old devices I don't use anymore. Deleted those folders, started up BTSync and those two devices no longer show in MyDevices. But on my Android they still do. What's interesting is that the .SyncUserXXXXX folder is synced (note the folder icon and more importantly the .sync subfolder with the standard IgnoreList and such). I assume this is [only] synced across devices registered in MyDevices but if so, then why didn't my folder deletions propagate? R/O? Interesting that BTSync can sync a directory invisible to the UI Although it is a clever way to use the application itself to keeps the whole MyDevices thing in sync.