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  1. What OSes are you interested in or just asking in general? I just tried to create an invalid Windows file on my Android device to see if it would sync but looks like Android is following the same rules as Windows since it wouldn't let me even create the file (using ES).
  2. Not sure if the DCIM folder has any restrictions preventing this or not (haven't tried) but this might be worth a shot: Excerpt (replace 'Download' with 'DCIM'): Add Download Folder on desktop Sync. Rename Download folder on Android (folder must not exist or you will get an error). When folder appears on mobile, connect to /storage/emulated/0/ with the folder name set as Download. Move files from old Download folder to new Download folder.
  3. From RomanZ: "The "foldererror110" message indicates that database connected to your sync folder is corrupt. Sync won't sync anything as working with corrupt DB may cause some unwanted effects - like, syncing older files over newer ones. DB can be corrupt if application crashes, improperly closed, etc. The quick fix for it is to re-add the folder."
  4. Thanks (I need to browse that help site more often). In summary: "To upgrade to PRO, you'll need to buy a license (aka seat). 1 license = 1 identity = unlimited devices under this identity. It means, when you buy 1 license (seat), you can use it with all of your devices, provided that all of them are linked to your private identity." So depends on how much granular control you want in the sharing process as to whether you use the same identity or buy multiple seats.
  5. The latter option is what I have been having to do (with the exception of my phone which only sends the camera backup). I have two reasons for doing this. 1) like you, I have one pc hidden in a workshop that is purely a backup device. So if for some wild reason some files get deleted, I don't want them getting deleted on the source machine. 2) Primarily due to unresolved beta issues I don't intend to subscribe at this time. Since the mydevices feature will get nixed once the trial is over, why not treat it as such now?
  6. To elaborate - the features comparison shows Pro as being licensed for business use. Leads me to think you could use one identity across the entire business. But the upgrade page had a link to buy more seats of using Pro. Leads me to think there's a cap on how many mydevices can be tied to an identity. Is there some more detailed doc on the whole seats thing?
  7. Mods - was the actual poll purposely removed from this thread?
  8. Just curious since this is a big topic with the release of 2.0. Also, please be honest and don't exaggerate thinking it might have an impact on any decisions of BTSync. Mine: 10
  9. Nope. The software doesn't stop working. You are correct about the 40 though. A feature of it stops working. I understand exactly what you are getting at though, I just don't want someone completely new to btsync to stumble on this and think the software is actually completely unusable (relative term maybe ) after the subscription/trial is over.
  10. @calvyb It won't stop working any more than the trial will stop working after 30 days. Just certain features (the pro features) will no longer be available.
  11. Great idea. Rather than Applescript though how about an optional whitelist of ssid's?
  12. Interesting idea but probably not one likely to be implemented (imo). The solution for your specific scenario would be to add more peers to increase the chance of one being online (not always easy with 1tb folders though I know ). The complexity of creating a buffering device could get high fast. I could see slightly more benefit to a buffering device if btsync used deltas but it doesn't nor would that apply to your example of a new file. Update: I haven't played around with the on demand/selective sync stuff but perhaps a pro version feature could be to have a date based sync. So it syncs (inbound shares) only files created in the last X days. This would get you a more generic but similar feature set although something would still need to be done with the limited storage of these devices and how it handles that. Would it delete the oldest file when full?
  13. Assuming I understand what you are describing, this isn't possible/it doesn't work like that. If I am not, please elaborate.(Edited to be better)
  14. No offense but you're missing the point of this limitation. It isn't a safety feature for you, traffic control, because the program is optimized for 10, or because you shouldn't cross the streams! 2.0 introduced a paid tier and if you want more than 10 shares you need the paid version. Again, enticement.
  15. It doesn't affect them and no one (on either side of the fence) is saying it is. For most software that has a free vs pro version, the pro version doesn't cost the company more, it is just a way to entice subscribers.
  16. Thanks! I incorrectly thought that identity=MyDevices and that you didn't have one without the other. Phew. For me the Free behavior is actually preferred - I would rather control what shares I see on all of 'my devices'.
  17. Not that I am aware of and that is an issue that hadn't dawned on me. Although depending on whether you plan on being the owner of the share to the other peers or the receiving end determines whether your situtaion is really an example of the issue I have in mind. So for outbound shares (i.e shares that were created) on any device registered to your identity then they should show up amongst all of your My Devices (whether sync, connected, or disconnected) But for inbound shares from another identity (or 1.4 pre-identity) those should only show up on the MyDevice device that received the share. Just because they are on that single MyDevice device does not mean that they should show up on all of the other MyDevice devices. For example: This is a simplified version of my setup so it's possible that starting from scratch vs an upgrade or not having a 1.4 peer would render different results. I don't know. MyDevices (so 2.0)- DesktopA and AndroidA Peer (1.4) - DesktopB I create a share on DesktopA. This will show up on AndroidA but not DesktopB (of course) unless I share it. *expected/desired behavior* Friend creates a shared on DesktopB and sends me the link via email. I click on the link on DesktopA and add it. It also adds it as an available share on AndroidB. *this is not expected nor desired but it's what I am seeing* Hopefully I didn't hijack your thread too much
  18. I am surprised to not have an official answer on this one yet also. If it is only for Pro then it seems like there would be some major implications.
  19. Possibly but I think most would like to leave this thread discussing the 10 limit or the $40/yr subscription as the closed/open source is somewhat of a dead horse.
  20. Understandable and ultimately it may be a bug where a precheck of the parent folders permissions are looked at although it seems more likely the root folder wasn't designed to be shared. For your last sentence though about will it cause issues, hopefully GreatMarko or RomanZ will have the definitive answer for you but if not then it sounds like you already have the answer from your earlier test.
  21. Am I missing something or is this what they are doing? Maybe you are their CFO
  22. Then I would make a different default folder that would contain inbound shares. So all of the folders/shares in the current BT folder your identity will be the owner of (rw) but in the default folder your machine (since it could still be your identity as in the case of mobile camera shares) would be read only.