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  1. Wait, so you are sharing the root folder that is the default storage folder? So all of your shares are shared again in one lump folder? Can't say if it will for sure cause issues but seems like an unnecessary bad idea.
  2. Yes it is. I have that scenario. Although at one time (not sure if it's still this way or not since mine are already going) the order in which you added them mattered. I think it was outer and then inner.
  3. Well worded post. Due to beta vs release, I would scratch the legacy 1.4 and start at 2.0 (the second bolded sentence) (IF current 2.0 fit the criteria of the first bolded sentence). Personally I am not necessarily angry at the new 2.0 but the model you have described has a proven track record.
  4. I would elaborate some on your request. Like for convenience or security/privacy (i.e not backing up personal pictures to a company owned server) ? Because convenience/eyesore, eh, low priority. Security/Privacy - more valid. If this was a feature, how do you see it implemented? BTsync doesn't have a central way to push out settings to the devices so (if security/privacy was your thought process) it would be relying on the user to hide it.
  5. Good point. Out of the frying pan and into the fire
  6. Any specific reason or just a 'not yet' type of thing?
  7. I've been using BTSync since right before the 1.4 release and have taken 2.0 alpha/beta/RTM. And in short, I like BTSync. But I can't imagine anyone will say that BTSync isn't without it's flaws and nuances. Be that UI or the sync functionality itself. That was fine, even expected with 1.3, 1,4, 2.0alpha/beta. Everyone knew that there would be those things. While the 10 folder limit does affect me, my reason for not signing up for the subscription currently is that I am experiencing the same level of issues with the official 2.0 release that I did with the others. I get out of sync messages, devices that are both online but don't show each other, approvals that never come, and other inconsistencies that are evidently not correct or as intended. So while there may not actually be an answer to this, why now? What was the reason for the public release *specifically that included a paid version* when it really seems like it's still in the 2.0 beta quality range? Or is that just my experience?
  8. What about for the Camera sync? You can't muck with that folder on the device so how does one make it show up as a 2.0 folder on the desktop application?
  9. From: "PRO version enables you to link all of your devices under a common identity. This give you access to ALL added folders on ALL of your linked devices automatically. Learn more" Since I don't know of a way to not have the Pro trial I can't answer this myself. Is the common identity(aka My Devices) only for Pro? I assume this is just poorly worded as it seems like the trial version would fall apart when transitioning to the free version if it does remove the identity.
  10. Thanks! I'll give that a try this evening. So I may be taking your first sentence too literally but does that mean that there will be a way to natively address this in the gui in the future?
  11. Mods - please move this to Feature Requests. Thanks It's been similarly mentioned but when selecting a device to push a backup to I would like to be prompted to enter a name for both the Backup name and the folder that will be created. This especially applies for sending the camera backup from a phone to a pc. Having the backup and folder name called DCIM isn't very helpful and what would happen if I had two android devices? How would it name them?
  12. I've never had issues with Firefox recognizing the protocol (windows). You can definitely manually add a link if you don't want to use the URL. I also wouldn't call the version hidden but that's preference. It's one click either way. I never used 1.3 but from what I've gathered there are many visual cues for identifying 1.3 or 1.4
  13. Sounds like not at this time.
  14. I see so many threads stating how horrible the new interface is and I just wanted to voice one in the positive. I like it. Clean, simple, and works. Maybe I am in the (lucky) minority but I installed it on various machines, setup my 1.5 tb of shares, and then left it alone. So I can't say that I stare at and think about the interface all day long Very happy with btsync. Now just need it on my ddwrt router...
  15. Exactly what ICE said - grab the key, not the link.You're making it too hard That will negate your 'why should i trust' question entirely.
  16. Good idea. I had been using virtually the same setup expect using GDrive to get the images out of my local network. Will have to contemplate BTSync. A huge benefit to GDrive for this possibly time sensitive purpose is that no other nodes need to be online.
  17. I have the same issue with column resizing as zbig. The column only barely gets larger when you drag it over. Windows 7 64bit. BTSync 64bit 1.4.75