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  1. Hi thank you very much for your work. i think the tool is great! still i would really love to be able to change the with of the windows ui. it is only partially possible at the moment (looks and acts quite buggy at the moment to be honest). again great work c.
  2. Cool the new update solved my problem... thank you very much
  3. When i choose "New Backup" and ther choose my own directory, i cant go up a directory to get to the external SD Card.
  4. Hi I would really love to be abble to make backups from my Samsung Note 2, Android 4.3, external sd card. Thanks you for your work Cyrano
  5. Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Android 4.3, Bittorrent Sync 1.4.36, Cant seam to sync folders onto my externalSD card. Do i do something wrong or is it a known problem of the software? Thanks for any help