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  1. I can't backup or sync a folder between 2 devices if the version of BtSync is 1.4.x on each devices. I'm pleased to have used the 1.3.x versions on my PC and my Synology (NAS1) in R/W mode.Then I updated this configuration to new 1.4.x version, then not synchronized anymore, only has "No peers" messages.Then I downgraded the BtSync on my PC to 1.3.x, after the syncing is works perfectly again.I set up a backup folder on my Raspberry Pi (NAS2) with BtSync 1.4.x also, and added the Ready Only key to the backup folder. But "No peers" on NAS2.So I can't create syncing between two 1.4.x versions.
  2. Similar problem with the "Sender must be online and may need to grant access." message width 1.4.72. I'm goind to downgrade to 1.3.x version...