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  1. Just to confirm, this bug and problem still exist on 1.4.93 beta to! All of peers PC are updated with the new 1.4.93 beta version. Android to, the newest version. I have synced a camera folder from my Samsung Note Pro 3 android, betwen linux and windows, and then, i have deleted the sync of this folder one time on windows machine, and now, on windows machine, i can't add this folder on sync, it say that exist on the sync, but, is not there. This is a big bug, and developers seems not be worryed of this bug. On android and on linux is showing that there are 2 peers, the windows machine to, but, on the windows machine, there is not this folder on the sync list, and i can't add this folder. And the problem is, that the images from my android phone are not done to sync, and will not be done on all other machine, like, linux, for example, because, this problem. Maybe should we use the new, Open Source Sync software: Syncthing (or newly, Pulse, on, there are the bugs constantly repaired, if someone detect bug. Thanks.
  2. I fully agree with you. And the GUI should be far more confortable, customisable and more colorfull (or a standard one, with allowing changing of colors, etc). Then, if no machine connected, it show "No friends", or in german "keine Kolegen", but, i do not share my files with "friends" or "Kolegen", i share with my own machines, PC's, and Servers. It would be better to change this "friends" and "Kolegen" to somthing else, like "Devices" or german "Geräten". To team: Thank you, and please, look what the people says, need, want, and ask for. To Advanced Member: "If we could do it better, we should!" - maybe, you take a look at: Clearskies_core or Clearskies and Syncthing or Thanks
  3. P.S.: It is now showing the GUI, but, it take tooo long to showing it up, about 3-4 hours. This is too long. But, ok, maybe indexing, or somewhat, but, it still showing an info, what it doing, then, ok for waiting, if is showing what is going on. Please, add some infos, if the indexing take to long. Thank you Regards
  4. Hi all, I have the same problem with v1.4.72 on my FreeNAS 8.3.1 Server. I have updated with FreeBSD Sync files v1.4.72, but now, just a blank page is showing. With the top command, i see, the btsync is used CPU, and show like it works, but, i'm not sure, if work ok. Can you please check this version, i think it is a bug. FreNAS has nothing to do with IE, or Windows, but the same problem on Web GUI of btsync, like on first post image here on this topic. On starting btsync, i see this: BitTorrent Sync forked to background. pid = 67026. default port = 8888 and if i go to my server IP port 8888 (like in 1.3, wich it has perfectly worked), now is just a blank page, without any errors, or somthing. Not the same on my Linux Fedora 20.Here, on Fedora Linux, i see the Web GUI like it should be, it works fine.The same version, 1.4.72, like on my FreeNAS. I'm sure, it is a bug on this 1.4.72 version. Please fix it. Thank you.