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  1. Yeah, that option wasn't there. Eventually figured it out that even though adblock (firefox and chrome) wasn't showing that it was blocking an element on the page, disabling it on the whole page gave me the share button back. Thanks for the help.
  2. both ubuntu linux. I'm not finding a way to copy a code or https link for one specific folder to share between two different people who have different bittorrent identiys. what am I missing?
  3. I upgraded from the version immediately previous from this one. Would it help my issue if I started over from scratch? I don't seem to have permissions to view the link you posted.
  4. this release seems miles and above the slowest I've used so far. ubuntu 14.04 x64 machine running as the destination, with ~12 windows pc's syncing in accross the WAN via a static IP/port mapping. the webui takes ~10 minutes to load, pc's are showing "out of sync", speeds that used to run at 1 MB/s (per client) are running at ~50KB/s, then dropping to nothing. Haven't seen one single file sync in since the update. Any ideas what is going on?
  5. This feature would get me to deploy btsync in a much wider sense than I do already. I use btsync to sync backups from machine to machine, but needing to keep a user always logged in greatly complicates keeping machines patched..
  6. still nothing almost a year later? I desperately need it to be able to run as a service on windows.