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  1. Still not resolved - cant switch off using cron because of http://forum.bittorrent.com/topic/30338-newer-files-overwritten-by-older-files-btsync-1394/page-2 and when decide to keep it going BTSync prevents my NAS from sleep which is also a no-go. Not useable the way it works now. Hopefully there will be a fix out soon - I am about to give it up and look for other sync solutions
  2. I also have a setup with 3 clients (Win - ARM - Linux AMD 64) and can confirm that this happens to me running latest version of BTSync an all machines. I'd like to add one hopefully valueable info: Although the time is set by ntp and verifyable right, the debug logs of the two linux machines are fine, but the time shown in the WebUI and the logs which can be downloaded are FALSE. Just to again clarify, I started the client with logging to a file. This file has the same info as the downloadable EXCEPT the timestamps. One funny thing is that the sync date in WebUI is set to "in 23 years" :-)