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  1. Upgrading to 2.0 works, but you get a blank screen on the window's app. I don't know why they moved from the native interface to a webUI...
  2. I mean the open source is an advantage [emoji106]
  3. Somebody talked about syncthing. I tried it, and it's a little bit more complicated than BitTorrent Sync, but it's open source.
  4. I have it running on a dlink NAS and works like earlier versions.
  5. Is there any changelog for version 2.0?
  6. Access via web interface and an advice is shown on the upper left corner
  7. I'm running it on a d-link dns-320l (very similar to the dns-320)
  8. Ok, so I'll delete the file and see if that customization saves in any place.
  9. I know, but what to write in the configuration file to keep the columns in the webui?
  10. Hi, I've been using bittorrent sync since version 1.0. In my nas i has the 1.3 version with the parameter --config /path_to_config_file/sync.conf Then updated to version 1.4 and everything is working like a charm. Everything but the settings in the new webUI. I choose among different columns tho show (size, sending, etc). Then, when i close the webui and open again all the custom columns are lost. I think the issue is in the config file. Hope you can help. And apologize for my bad .english. If anyone can't undestand i can try to explain better. Cheers.