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  1. Did not find any mention, but do you plan to support newer QNAP ARM-based NAS? Upgraded NAS, lost Resilio .... I have one with with Annapurna Labs processor, but the package for the older x31 NAS does not install. I have a TS-332x. I think it has a "newer" (not that A57 is all that new....) 64bit core compared to the older Annapurna Labs machines: [/proc] # cat cpuinfo processor : 0 model name : Annapurna Labs Alpine AL324 Quad-core ARM Cortex-A57 CPU @ 1.70GHz Features : fp asimd evtstrm aes pmull sha1 sha2 crc32 CPU implementer : 0x
  2. I get the feeling this is a limitation of BTSync not being able to sync large amount of files. The best I manage to do with a medium sized share (16GB, 16k Files, various sizes) was around 2 MB/sec, which will occasionally drop to less then 1 MB/sec in the "sawtooth" pattern described here. No matter it is local or remote or TCP or UDP. However when I add the share I originally want to sync (400GB, 420k Files, Most 8MB), it never goes over 1 MB/sec. Also, when the large share is added to BTsync, even when syncing is paused, the medium sized share mentioned above will also not go over 1 MB/se
  3. Ok, it turns out I do not know how tu use iperf... UDP requires to set a sending rate. As in iperf -c <IP> -u -b 20mif you want to check 20 MBit. Turns out the host is still slower in UDP: Around 20-25 MBit, afterwards the dropped packet rate skyrockets. However, this does not explain BTSyncs << 10Mbit speeds. As for now I am trying with a TCP-OpenVPN that tunnels BTsync traffic directly to the machine. However as the Mac cleint exploded on me, and after crashing restarted indexing (and even asked a new identity and restarted the 30 day trial), I can not yet say what the result
  4. Hi, just read the thread. I have also been having serious speed issues syncing to a host across the internet. I tried everything and cursed BTsync to the moon and back. I think I just confirmed in my case it was not BTsync's fault.It was really is a problem with UDP traffic being throttled (heavily!) along the way UDP iperf -c <ip> -u------------------------------------------------------------Client connecting to <IP>, UDP port 5001Sending 1470 byte datagramsUDP buffer size: 208 KByte (default)------------------------------------------------------------[ 3] local <ip> p