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  1. Yes it does (see )
  2. I've seen this error on some folders. I deleted those and re-added them.
  3. @el_milagro Have a look here ( ), espacially
  4. @rdiaz02 It's a known issue (also discussed in this thread ). I was told that it might not be fixed in version 1.4.xx. You can try the new beta version of v2.xx, which is working for me.
  5. @goli just to make sure... Is it working again if you follow steps I posted above?
  6. @Helen, is the cause for this bug already identified by the developers? I was hoping, that the last update for the Android version will fix this issue, but it wasn't the case. Btsync won't go into sleep mode while it "tries" to sync again and again, which drains a lot of battery. I already sent logs in December.
  7. I think I'm having a similar issue since several weeks. I reported it in December and received an answer that this should be fixed in future updates, but there was no update for the Android app since November. For me this happens (most of the time) when files changes to frequently. @Zcehtro: Does it help if you follow these steps: 1) cut the files which are not syncing and paste them somewhere outside the synced folder 2) wait a few minutes 3) paste the files in the synced folder again
  8. Are all file in sync when this process finishes? I had the same experiences, when I removed a folder from sync and then re-added. A few hashes were verified (not much outgoing traffic), then the process stopped and a few minutes later it continued. It's not that great to wait a few hours for 2 peers to show up "synced" status, if they were in sync before and you just re-added them. But this should usually be a one time process for the very first time sync runs on that peer, so it was okay for me to wait. Anyway of course it would be interesting to know why this takes so long.
  9. Yes. Just copy the desired folder to the new PC and start from Step 4)
  10. Did you delete the database and settings files from 1.4 before downgrading to 1.3?
  11. I first removed the folder from sync, then deleted entire folder (don't know if this was necessary) and re-added it to sync. I'm using sync 32 bit version on debian Linux and 64 bit version on Windows 8.1. Do your folders suddenly stop syncing, or is the synchronization process not even starting?
  12. Can't confirm this. Right size, right number of peers, right sync status with encrypted node. Have you tried to re-setup your encrypted node once? I did this after v1.4.93 release and since then it's working (it's still working in 1.4.99).
  13. Yes, see Dump files are usually stored where the db files are stored. Just do find / - iname *.dmp
  14. +1 same here. Could it be the same problem as this one? (
  15. Same here, however for me it not happens after a reboot but after every update and can be "fixed" with the workaround that evgen_ru described (or by disconnecting and reconnecting the folder), but this is very annoying. Is there any news when this will be fixed?