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  1. Under Sync 2.0, when I turn on Camera Backup on my iPad and iPhone, Sync creates camera backup folders for both devices in it's default location on my Mac. Is it possible to rename and/or move the camera backup folders on my Mac? Thanks!
  2. Never mind. Problem was caused by Apple's App Store outage.
  3. Decided to start over with my sync setup on my iPhone 5S running iOS 8. I deleted the Sync app, then went to the App Store app, found the Bittorrent Sync app, then clicked the download icon (cloud with down facing arrow). The download icon briefly changed to the spinning circle, maybe a half second, then changed to an update button. I clicked the update button, which changed briefly to the spinning circle, then back to the update button. Repeated clicks of the update button give the same result. I tried powering off and rebooting the phone, but the problem persists. Any suggestions?
  4. Steps taken: 1) On iPhone, tap on camera backup. 2) Tap share. 3) Email link to myself. 4) On OS X, click on link in email. 5) BitTorrent Sync opens. Click to create and link to folder. 6) BT Sync creates folder. Status shows pending. 7) On iPhone, BT Sync shows "connect to a device" message for Camera Backup Tried taking new picture on iPhone, then opening BT Sync. Nothing happens. iPhone stays stuck on "connect to device" and OS X stays stuck on "pending". Suggestions? Thanks.