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  1. Hello, I was syncing a txt file to my windows phone. I can open it for editing, but when I try to save it, it sais: "Your changes cannot be saved because the file is set to read only." I can save the file on my phone and then upload it to my files with a new name, because on the same name it does not allow to overwrite.
  2. Well... Sync as a product is a different (and in many ways better) solution to the same problem as different clouds provide a solution for. therefore I think it's a legitimate request. I checked the batch file @MrBiker linked and it looks like that the script uses an environmental variable (%dropboxdir%,%gdrivedir%) as a link to the user's folder. I don't know if Bittorrent Sync uses environmental variables at all. It it does Sync could be easily added. @GreatMarko there is really no difference.