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  1. @Moe, yes that is exactly what I did. I took care when adding that the path in the last dialog is correct.
  2. It was clearly after upgrade. The ID was 20 bytes, I disconnected, deleted .sync, and connected again and it seems to be fine! Any idea about the "More Options"?
  3. After installing Synology package 2.2.5 some of my shared folders seem to have an error, see screenshot (column is 'status'). The folder exists, and the access rights seem to be right, also for the .sync folder. Any idea? Another issue (minor ATM): under "Preferences -> Advanced -> More Options" it opens just the warning message, but in previous version there was a number of options to change. Seems to be wrong purely in UI.
  4. @RomanZ, finally thanks! Will give it a shot!
  5. Any ETA on the NAS builds?
  6. @RomanZ: I know that page and it's fine for me. What I meant is can you ping me when the 2.2.2 build is available there (currently 2.2.1).
  7. @RomanZ, can you please notify when NAS builds are available of this?
  8. @kos13: I would implement it in the GUI, but as first step even easier, in a file like the IgnoreList, say 'WhiteList'? Imagine you have a number of subfolders in your synced folder, e.g. I have a folder with photos: photos -2013 -2014 -2015 And on one device you just have the file 'WhiteList' in 'photos/.sync' configured with 2015 and it would just sync that subfolder of it.
  9. This is quite an internet focused company, selling a virtual good. Bitcoin is Internet money. Why not accepting Bitcoin for payment for the pro license? Using a payment processor its easy, and it would enable to sell and ship licenses to every corner of the world, even to countries which don't like e.g. Paypal.
  10. +1 for a selective sync under Linux. The ".bts" syncing on demand is not the selective sync of Dropbox!
  11. Copying the content of the license file did the trick, thank you!! BTW, on the console there was no output at all using that argument. Btsync was stopped at that time.
  12. I purchased the 2.2 license, and the email says "On Linux, copy the link, and click the “Manual Connection” button in the web UI to paste it." I did that, but it says "invalid link". My guess is that the link has spaces and other characters, which get converted while pasting into %2B and %3D and such. Anyway, how am I supposed to convert such link? Ehm, I don't have even the way to add it on command line: btsync --license Sync_Pro_Purchase.btskey was without effect.
  13. "product version" == major version number I hope, as it was said before it covers 2.x releases. Well, they are always free to increase the major number for rather minor improvements if they want to introduce a new licence of course..
  14. Me too! Bittorrent Sync is a network program but doesn't even have IPv6?? I thought it's because of the DHT, but they seem to ditch it anyway.
  15. Will there be a version for NAS devices? Synology builds are still on 2.1.3, stopping me from purchasing.