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  1. I'm having the same issue on a Raspi 1 - extremely high CPU usage resulting in a btsync crash. Version 2.3.3 (296)
  2. Same issue here on 2.3.3 (296) (Debian) - extremely high CPU usage (constantly indexing) which results in a crash.
  3. When adding a local folder that is not empty (has files in it already) using an existing (read only) key, Btsync adds the folder but with a new key (read and write). This only happens if the local folder is not empty. This is a bug only in linux and only in versions >1.4 This: Results in: In the log below - `btsynctest` is empty and was able to be added with existing key. `btsynctest2` is not empty and was added but with a new key. [20140902 09:46:05.357] SyncFolderScanner: Adding notifier "/home/stlouis/btsynctest"[20140902 09:46:05.357] Error while adding watch for /home/stlouis