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  1. Hi all- I've got an external hard drive with several folders configured in Sync attached to Laptop A. I'd like Laptop B to become the master Sync client for the folders on the hard drive - is there an easy way to transfer ownership of these folders that are configured in Sync on Laptop A to Laptop B, or do I have to add them again as new folders in sync on Laptop B and share them out again to existing folders on remote devices? Darren
  2. Hi all- Trying to add existing folders to my iPad, and every time I go to scan the QR code, as soon as it recognizes the QR code, the dialog closes but it doesn't add the folder. I've tried pasting the link in from email and it doesn't recognize the link. iPhone client it working fine. Known bug? Thanks in advance, Darren David
  3. Same here. GUI works. Although I'm not getting any notifications to show up on the FBSD GUI - anyone else notice that?
  4. I third this note. Also unable to access the webui on FreeBSD 10.1 x64. 1.4.11 worked fine, this is my first attempt to upgrade to 2.0. Darren