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  1. On 1.4.75 on amd64 Linux (btsync binary with sha256 922212c7043ebd2dbac7674e89e87476a4872223a9fb64bb17aa0784b3466e22 ) I get the following bug: Steps to reproduce: 1. rm -rf .sync 2. btsync --dump-sample-config > btsync.conf 3. In btsync.conf uncomment webui.login and webui.password (thus defining a user with credentials admin:password) 4. btsync --config btsync.conf 5. Go to http://localhost:8888/ 6. Enter basic auth credentials (admin:password) 7. Be prompted to create a user (this is confusing, given I've already created a user in btsync.conf) 8. Enter correct credentials (entering incorrect credentials has the same effect too) 9. Tick "By using this application, you agree to our Privacy Policy, Terms, and EULA" 10. Click submit 11. Click "Add folder" Expected Be able to browse my directory hierarchy, and choose a directory to share Actual Presented with an empty window If I remove step 3 (i.e. I don't configure a user in btsync.conf), the bug doesn't occur.