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  1. @tuxpoldo Thanks for your response. I was just coming back here to update with my solution, which was basically the same as yours. I did try a config file with no username/password, but unfortunately that had the same results. What I ended up doing was writing my own service config file for systemd, starting btsync without a config file, getting it mostly set up (i.e., past the license accept point), and then updating my service config file to use btsync.config. It was a rather annoying, round-about solution, but I eventually got it working and it seems good so far. Thanks again!
  2. I pulled up chrome dev tools, and under console noted a bunch of http 500 errors: GET http://localhost:8888/gui/?token=chOIzXChoGPPoQeGIjg095tzzL7pQQozaODnchuyXgdalwvUVA_HdmUQCVQAAAAA&action=settings&t=1409880169862 500 (ERROR) jquery-1.11.1.js:9631GET http://localhost:8888/gui/?token=chOIzXChoGPPoQeGIjg095tzzL7pQQozaODnchuyXgdalwvUVA_HdmUQCVQAAAAA&action=pause&t=1409880169865 500 (ERROR) jquery-1.11.1.js:9631GET http://localhost:8888/gui/?token=chOIzXChoGPPoQeGIjg095tzzL7pQQozaODnchuyXgdalwvUVA_HdmUQCVQAAAAA&action=getsyncfolders&discovery=1&t=1409880169917 500 (ERROR) jquery-1.11.1.js:9631GET http://localhost:8888/gui/?token=chOIzXChoGPPoQeGIjg095tzzL7pQQozaODnchuyXgdalwvUVA_HdmUQCVQAAAAA&action=useridentity&t=1409880169918 500 (ERROR) jquery-1.11.1.js:9631Resource interpreted as Font but transferred with MIME type text/html: "http://localhost:8888/gui/fonts/opensans-light.woff". jquery-1.11.1.js:5732GET http://localhost:8888/gui/?token=chOIzXChoGPPoQeGIjg095tzzL7pQQozaODnchuyXgdalwvUVA_HdmUQCVQAAAAA&action=version&t=1409880169939 500 (ERROR) jquery-1.11.1.js:9631GET http://localhost:8888/gui/?token=chOIzXChoGPPoQeGIjg095tzzL7pQQozaODnchuyXgdalwvUVA_HdmUQCVQAAAAA&action=debugmode&t=1409880169940 500 (ERROR) jquery-1.11.1.js:9631GET http://localhost:8888/gui/?token=chOIzXChoGPPoQeGIjg095tzzL7pQQozaODnchuyXgdalwvUVA_HdmUQCVQAAAAA&action=getfoldersettings&t=1409880169990 500 (ERROR) jquery-1.11.1.js:9631GET http://localhost:8888/gui/?token=chOIzXChoGPPoQeGIjg095tzzL7pQQozaODnchuyXgdalwvUVA_HdmUQCVQAAAAA&action=getsyncfolders&discovery=1&t=1409880169991 500 (ERROR) jquery-1.11.1.js:9631GET http://localhost:8888/gui/?token=chOIzXChoGPPoQeGIjg095tzzL7pQQozaODnchuyXgdalwvUVA_HdmUQCVQAAAAA&action=getpendingrequests&t=1409880169992 500 (ERROR) Just got this error, which I'm guessing is the root of my problem: error: "Need to agree with the license"status: 500How do I go about agree'ing with said license?
  3. Forgive my presumption, but did you read the rest of my post? I set this up just recently on a different box, also running arch linux, and it's set to start btsync with a config file. The settings survive a process restart on that box everytime, and it never ask(s|ed) me to create a new user. Also of note, I can't even get btsync to start on this new box unless I give it a config file. No error messages, nothing. Also, even if I refresh the webgui, after creating a user (also after logging in with my presets), the "register user" window comes up again.
  4. What's happening: I'm able to get to the webgui and login with my preset username/password. It then asks me to create a new user, which I do. When I get in and click "Add Folder" there are no folders (it's empty). Also, if I restart the btsync process, it asks me again to create a new user, like it never actually saved the first user I created. This happens when I start btsync via systemd OR manually: # systemctl start btsync.service$ btsync --config /etc/btsync.conf --nodeamonI'm running arch linux running btsync version 1.4.75. Also, I was able to get this working fine on a different PC, and to my knowledge I've followed the same steps (even gone so far as to copy the same btsync.conf file with some minor edits). I've verified the btsync user has read/write access to my storage_path, but the problem persists. This feels like a permissions issue. Here is my btsync.conf file: { "device_name": "djarch", "listening_port" : 0, // 0 - randomize port/* storage_path dir contains auxilliary app files if no storage_path field: .sync dir created in the directory where binary is located. otherwise user-defined directory will be used */ "storage_path" : "/var/lib/btsync",/* set location of pid file */// "pid_file" : "/var/run/btsync/",/* use UPnP for port mapping */ "use_upnp" : false,/* limits in kB/s. 0 - no limit */ "download_limit" : 0, "upload_limit" : 0,/* proxy configuration */// "proxy_type" : "socks4", // Valid types: "socks4", "socks5", "http_connect". Any other value means no proxy// "proxy_addr" : "", // IP address of proxy server.// "proxy_port" : 1080,// "proxy_auth" : false, // Use authentication for proxy. Note: only username/password for socks5 (RFC 1929) is supported, and it is not really secure// "proxy_username" : "user",// "proxy_password" : "password", "webui" : { "listen" : "" // remove field to disable WebUI/* preset credentials. Use password or password_hash */ ,"login" : "btsync"// ,"password" : "password" ,"password_hash" : "obfuscated" // password hash in crypt(3) format// ,allow_empty_password" : false // Defaults to true/* ssl configuration */// ,"force_https" : true // disable http// ,"ssl_certificate" : "/path/to/certificate.pem"// ,"ssl_private_key" : "/path/to/private.key"/* directory_root path defines where the WebUI Folder browser starts (linux only). Default value is / */// ,"directory_root" : "/media/misc/backups"/* dir_whitelist defines which directories can be shown to user or have folders added (linux only) relative paths are relative to directory_root setting */// ,"dir_whitelist" : [ "/home/user/MySharedFolders/personal", "work" ] }/* !!! if you set shared folders in config file WebUI will be DISABLED !!! shared directories specified in config file override the folders previously added from WebUI. *//*, "shared_folders" : [ { "secret" : "MY_SECRET_1", // required field - use --generate-secret in command line to create new secret "dir" : "/home/user/bittorrent/sync_test", // * required field "use_relay_server" : true, // use relay server when direct connection fails "use_tracker" : true, "use_dht" : false, "search_lan" : true, "use_sync_trash" : true, // enable SyncArchive to store files deleted on remote devices "overwrite_changes" : false, // restore modified files to original version, ONLY for Read-Only folders "known_hosts" : // specify hosts to attempt connection without additional search [ "" ] } ]*//* Advanced preferences can be added to config file. Info is available at */}FWIW, logs with debug enabled (by creating debug.txt with contents 'FFFF' in the storage_path): [btsync@djarch ~]$ btsync --config /etc/btsync.conf --nodaemonBy using this application, you agree to our Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and End User License Agreement.[20140904 11:46:55.643] total physical memory 536870912 max disk cache 2097152[20140904 11:46:55.644] test sha1: AE5BD8EFEA5322C4D9986D06680A781392F9A642[20140904 11:46:55.644] test sha2: 630DCD2966C4336691125448BBB25B4FF412A49C732DB2C8ABC1B8581BD710DD[20140904 11:46:55.644] test aes: 0A940BB5416EF045F1C39458C653EA5A07FEEF74E1D5036E900EEE118E949293[20140904 11:46:55.644] Loading config file version 1.4.75[20140904 11:46:55.644] My PeerID: 106170D41389D2E1CC96D8E36F7BDE0B27890FB3[20140904 11:46:55.644] loaded history: 0 events[20140904 11:46:55.644] setup socket 9 for local peer discovery for success[20140904 11:46:55.644] setup socket 10 for local peer discovery for xx.xx.xx.xx:0: success[20140904 11:46:55.644] setup socket 11 for local peer discovery for xx.xx.xx.xx:0: success