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  1. Hi there, I’m having an issue whereby newer copies of a file are being overwritten by older ones, every time I try to modify the file. I’m trying to gather debug logs. The syncing machines are 1 Mac and 1 Linux. On the Linux machine, I add a 4-character file called ‘.sync/debug.txt’ (inside the synced directory) containing the characters “FFFF”. However, no “sync.log” file is generated in that directory (and nothing in “/var/log/” that I can see either). I tried restarting the btsync daemon, but still it has not picked up this file. On the Mac, I hold down shift when clicking the BitTorrent Sync icon in the menubar, but I only see the normal options; no option to switch on logging. However, there is a file “~/Library/Application Support/BitTorrent Sync/sync.log” already been generated. Has the menu option been removed? Does it always log? I’m running v1.4.103 on both machines. Thanks
  2. Oh, yes please. (Would also help achieve feature parity with DropBox.)