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  1. I believe the correct way to adjust settings for the packaged version is to use the dpkg-reconfigure command. This will allow you to adjust options that weren't available during the initial install.


    Yeah, I tried it already with the --priority=high argument though. I misunderstood it and I should've used low priority. Now it asked me to enter the rescan interval. So the problem seems to be resolved. Thanks! :)

  2. Ok, thanks. That worked fine. When starting btsync via

    /etc/init.d/btsync start

    it gives me

    [ ok ] Autostarting btsync instance 'debconf-default':.

    Sounds like it always uses the default debconf settings instead of the settings I set up in the settings. dat file. So I tried changing the default debconf file (even though it clearly says I you shouldn't do that, as it will reset itself after an update) and it works. Btsync stopped indexing my files all the time. But how can I make this permanent? Is there a line in the startup script I can change to use the settings.dat instead of the debconf default config file? By the way, logging works now, but doesn't seem to contain any unusual activity as far as I can tell...

  3. @suchusernamemuchcreative


    Please use this python script to set some particular value. Run it with next params:

    settings.dat set folder_rescan_interval <your_value>

    Script is experimental, so use with care and backup your settings.dat first.


    What makes you think that it is indexing files all the time? Also, how many files and folders do you actually have there?


    Thanks! It ran successfully. Viewing the settings.dat file now shows the value I entered (I tried 43201 just to be sure it took the value). But after a reboot btsync still rescans the folders every ~5 minutes. I can hear my drive spin up and btsyncs shows "Indexing" in the status column. I have 9 folders (all on the external drive) with about 190GiB of data. Btsync appears to always begin indexing with the same folder of 130GiB but then indexes other folders, too. There are no system files on the drive so it must be btsync causing it to spin up. Also it starts to show "Indexing" right when it spins up.

  4. I think you'll find if you only put the settings you need in the config file, the other settings will remain untouched. Also, the new settings will be stored in the internal config that Sync maintains and you won't have to use the config file each time.


    Ok, I think I got my interval changed to 43200 seconds which is half a day. At least the settings.dat file that I just found shows that. But even after a reboot btsync is constantly indexing all the folders, never letting my external hard drive spin down. I can't sleep at night! :( Any idea?

  5. Not complete actually. you can use "folder_rescan_interval" from config files, and folder settings still come from web UI.


    But my btsync is fully configured at the moment via debconf. Can't I change only this parameter now without losing all my other settings? Starting btsync with a custom config file makes it use completely new settings.

  6. Hello,

    how can I set up a config file under linux to change the folder_rescan_interval? First dump a sample config file with btsync-core --dump-sample-config and then? I still want to use the web interface.

    How can I set this file as the default config file? Or is there any other way to change that interval?

    Kind Regards

  7. Hello,

    I also did the mistake and updated to btsync1.4. I have btsync running on 2 Windows devices, one android phone and my raspberry pi. One folder is synced between 3 of those devices, including the raspi. The web interface of the pi shows a data transfer rate of a few bytes up to maybe 10kB/s. Another folder says it would be sending data but it looks like that for 2 days now. All the permissions are alright and it worked with btsync 1.3, so...

    What can I do to resolve those probems? I know I didn't provide much information, but what else should I say? It's just not working. And I am using btsync for maybe a year now, so I am quite used to it.

    Thanks in advance!