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  1. I have upgraded the system to the new btsync 2. was all working great on version 1.4 I have a ReadyNAS that is the owner of the folder I sync. now version 2. I have 2 PC one windows 8.1 and other windows 7 link to the NAS on a LAN and they are both peered and syncing. I am trying to peer a third machine but it is stuck in 'Pending Approval' this happen when I set a un-tick the 'New peers I invite must be approved by me'. I also trying it with the box tick and it ask for approval in the NAS but still stays as 'Pending Approval' On the NAS in the peersing list I get :- activity = offline Us
  2. OK talking about options and them being missing. Again in the mobile and the ReadyNAS versions, there is no "more options..." as there is on the desktop version. WHY ??
  3. OK again in the readynas version, there is no "more options..." as there is on the desktop version. WHY ?? This is how I had to change the option on version 1.4 But will this work on verions 2 ?
  4. OK thanks how do i send the desktop and NAS debug logs to?
  5. I am using BTsync on windows NAS and Android Phone. I am having trouble with the sync over to the android Phone from both my ReadyNAS and windows 7 and 8 PC I am not sure where to get the Btsync logs of the android phone so I can check were the files are not syncing. Some files have sync and there are files in the peer list of the NAS and PC machine. I will be retrieving the android phone from off-site to check it and will give an update tomorrow
  6. I have install the new firmware 6.2.2 and the sync has stop working with code 22002010000
  7. The upgrade was of the readyNAS version. So would this make a difference?
  8. I am running BTsync 1.4 on all my machines. does this mean I can delete all the .SyncIgnore & .SyncArchive files and folders ????
  9. Got a answer for this thanks RomanZ Here is also a code with comments in : ( I am not sure is all the coding works on the NAS box ) { "device_name": "My Sync Device",// If listening_port is set to any value other than 0,// than this port will always be used even if you restart// the btsync. Othewise, if set to 0, then it will be a// random port number every time you restart btsync. "listening_port" : 0, // 0 - randomize port /* storage_path dir contains auxiliary app files if no
  10. I have it working on my readynas. and also 2 android mobile. and so windows machine. I am buying a raspberry PI to see if I can get it working off that. The readynas work but crashed sometime. and I have found file corrupted with file size of 0. But found the original in the .sync / Archive folder. this is why I would like to set the "sync_trash_ttl" in all the unit to "0" while I am testing the system Version 2 will come to the NAS boxes last and I need this working !!!!
  11. There is on the windows version options / preferences / advanced /more options But I am still looking to find there option on the readynas version and on android version
  12. Was the upgrade from 1.4 version one back to the latest version 1.4.103 i got this option default reset. I still do not know how to change this setting in the Readynas version
  13. The advanced preference / more options Ie. sync_trash_ttl where reset to default after installing the new version. I had this set high as my ReadyNas version is giving me some problem.
  14. I have set the sync_trash_ttl to a high number. so that I can recover files if need when I see that have been deleted. done this on the desktop machine anyway. But I can not do this on the readynas, do not know where. I started a post on the subject but have not get an answer as yet "Advanced / More Options" I have also notice that when I upgrade to the new version of the desktop software the "sync_trash_ttl" had reset to default "30"