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  1. The android-app still cant create r/w shares via keys only read-only (or backup-shares). How is the prposed workflow for setting up a full sync between a Android mobile an a headless linux-system? Plesse re-enable the Generation of keys/secrets for full shares.
  2. Thanks for adressing the issue regarding Share-Keys in the latest Android-Release. As this fixes at least my problems, I'd like to share what I am doing with sync: - Pictures First off my wife and I used to use Dropbox quite heavily to backup or own files and also get access to each others pictures from mobile phones. Sync enables both of us to sync the pictures to a small box located at home, making the pictures available to each other. - Backup Sync allows me to have a data redundancy on multiple locations. My wife's and my data is being synced to my small-ish server box at home (Linux x86_64), a computer located at my parents (headless notebook, Linux x86_64) and also to one located at my brother's home (raspberry pi, Linux Arm). The great thing is, btsync is available not only for mainstream architectures but also for Linux/arm which is an absolute pro, as an raspberry with external HDD is very power efficient. These systems also backup my parent's and my brother's data. No cloud, no privacy concers. - Datatransfer I am located in a town where currently only 2,3Mbit is provided (being upgraded to 50Mbit till December). With sync I can start downloads via ssh at my parents and have sync it transfer the resulting files without problems to my home. Doing large downloads at home via http/browser sometimes leads to corrupt downloads and also requires an additional computer to be powered on. - Versions Not directly via btsync but via btrfs on Linux. Doing hourly/daily/weekly/monthly/yearly snaphots on all connected devices gives me a high level of security and confidence in my data (of cource, mostly kids pictures) being available. Sorry, but not using the persona/getsync-links at all, currently.