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  1. i downgraded all devices (except android) to 1.3.109. everything is fine again.
  2. same problem, downgraded to 1.3 as well
  3. hi guys, i have serveral issues with version 1.4 of btsync. i havent had a single issue for around 18 months on 7 different machines, i just loved btsync. now 3 devices are "broken". issues with 1.4: - usability: i dont even know where to click anymore. its a total mess and not logical. useful information was deleted from the gui. but i could live with that. - when i add an existing/old key to a fresh machine: no peers available. when i take a look at the key: its another key (WTF?!). so i "update the key" via gui and peers are available. what is going on? - 100% hdd occupation on two seperate linux machines for infinite duration (30gb folder). the client seems to index forever. - android version energy consumption: 100% battery to 0% in 8 hours because of sync. no problem in previous version. test devices: 1 raspberry pi raspbian, 1 android phone, 1 android tablet, 1 xubuntu netbook, 1 linux mint notebook, 2 win7 desktops whats going on? am i too dumb? is V1.4 not compatible with 1.3? could you help me? do i have to switch to 1.3 or syncthing? thank you so much fensterplatz