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  1. An explanation would be helpful. Also, does the commercial version of the software have the same vulnerability?
  2. I guess my point is; known working software simply stopped working. We don't know why and now we're looking for ways to downgrade without so much as a hint from Resilio as to what we are fixing by such actions. I've recommended this software to multiple large companies in the past, maybe not anymore. Resilio seems to have major QA and/or operational issues.
  3. None of my Windows machines are running sync as a service. I would hope Resilio could provide us some insight on the issue and methods to rectify the issue. Reinstalling software in an environment that hasn't changed seems pretty drastic. There seems to be little evidence Resilio actually reads these forums, which is demonstrated by their lack of engagement.
  4. Speaking for my environment, it as not changed in months. Some of my machines have been running for years. My observation is that the newer Resilio Windows Software, 2.5.X and above, seem to be registering into an environment that somehow is isolated from the other environments, other versions and platforms. Older software can see clients and pass data through proxies and trackers. That said, my IOS clients which are version 2.6.X, see the older machines and pass data fine, yet the Windows Machines running 2.5.X are blind to the older Windows Clients, each other and IOS. The problem looks like it has been reported in different ways and in different threads. Since nothing has changed in my environment for months, we need Resilio to tell us what has changed in their infrastructure that could cause peers to disappear. Lets hope they address this soon or folks will start looking for other solutions.
  5. I have the same problem. On a local LAN when target machines are identified, everything syncs as usual. Syncing through relay no longer seems to work and remote peers no longer show up. On the inability to find the update server, my version of sync looks for www.usyncapp.com. This domain is CNAMED to an AWS domain that does not exist. It can't find the update server, because it doesn't resolve to an IP. It would be nice if someone could address the issue.
  6. I use sync as multi-device backup. Using 6TB Raspberry Pi as a server and many machines and handhelds for backup. This upgrade broke the hand held devices. IOS devices won't run the app. With the leakage of all those compromising photographs from iCloud on to the Internet last week, you could have positioned yourselves as the solution to everyone's distrust of the cloud. You can't do that with broken apps and a user community that cant figure out how to get the software to work even-though they may have been using it for a year. You need to provide migration documentation that allows people to maintain their current stores of information without having to wipe out everything and start over. Something with this radical a difference in UI and functionality and the resulting limitations, should not be a dot release, it should be a full release and proper change controls for the users deployed. Tying this to IE is going to create concern about the overall security of the software. Choosing one of the most notoriously buggy pieces of software for anything, is an architectural mistake. OldSync
  7. IOS 7.x was auto-updated as well to 1.4.35. The two devices I "upgraded" now can't run the application. If there is any error reporting, the app is blowing up before it is displayed. And since there no back out procedure with IOS, it has rendered the application worthless. Apple doesn't provide a software downgrade option. This is horrible change control, for a development company. To cripple people's photo backup on the news of iCloud security issues is a horrible PR move as well.