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  1. Hello, After years of using BTsync my %APPDATA%\BitTorrent Sync\ folder got quite big (almost 30GB). I see about 10GB of * and a [...].backup-folder, so I was wondering if it would be safe to delete them or if there is any safe way to save some space. Thanks!
  2. We use BtSync to keep our project folders (some of which contain up to 100.000 files) in our small team in sync, so it's kind of a distributed file-server/backup use-case. Our setup consists of about 10 machines (Windows, OSX, Linux) across two studios in two countries with one linux-based server always running plus various mobile clients (IOS, Android, Windows Phone). We're big fans of selfhosting/own your software and big skeptics about cloudsourcing of sensitive data, so we appreciate the btsync-solution. Upgrading from 1.3 to 1.4 was quite of a no-brainer for us, though the customization of the (otherwise blessed) StreamsList took some time. We understand that a beta-phase incorporates changes, so the rewrite of the UI is ok for us, though for our team the new UI doesn't bring any benefit over the old one (except from eye-candy). The simplification of the UI might be a benefit if we want to invite clients or externals to share some folders at a later time (we'll wait for the UI-bugs to be resolved before we try) We consider the mandatory requirement of IE>8 on windows-machines a minor problem (reasonable admins should have upgraded their windows-machines to more recent versions of IE long time ago anyway), though we would have preferred an independent solution like webkit for the webview-component. Our whish-/buglist for future releases so far: - resizable colums (UI-bug) - sortable colums (UI-feature) - a not truncated history-log (bug(?) log shows only 20 last entries since 1.4) - customizable/filterable history-log (nice-to-have teamwork-related feature) - conflict-management for files (nice-to-have teamwork-related feature) - better file-versioning (so-nice-to-have-feature) keep up the good work!