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  1. You haven't worked for a company called upside... a server is an old developers workstation.
  2. What would be nice is if you setup the folder via the API to supply a password so that the secret read write is not displayed when requested unless the password is supplied, only avalible through the API Use Case: Accounting Department shares files between computers. One user is getting fired today and wants to take it all with him.... OMG they have the keys to the castle.
  3. It would be nice to have a public/private key to use with encrypting BT Sync Folders... If I were to build an application that makes use of the API I wouldn't want my API key to be out in the wild. I would like to be able to create a folder using a private key that is known only to my application and only be able to interact with that folder through the API if I supply the Private key.
  4. Do you have an open source project setup for the development of this on github? Last I checked the requirement was .net 4.5+ do you have a version avalible for 4?
  5. Is it possible to define a folder that does not sync the files, and an api method that would only get a single file for that secret? A type of on demand file request without participating in the sync.