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  1. Hi, My btsync on Android keeps crashing on startup after 40 seconds. Android 4.4.4 with CyanogenMod latest stable. D/TrafficView( 5166): 242506628,242509454;983760527,983764112;191064885,191065894;2800,3553D/TrafficView( 5166): 242509454,242512222;983764112,983767111;191065894,191066902;2746,2975D/TrafficView( 5166): 242512222,242516169;983767111,983771600;191066902,191067913;3904,4440D/TrafficView( 5166): 242516169,242518146;983771600,983773380;191067913,191068922;1959,1764D/TrafficView( 5166): 242518146,242524962;983773380,983791497;191068922,191069932;6748,17937E/UTERRORONOES(27097): Dump path: /data/data/com.bittorrent.sync/files/.sync//558ac36b-c079-2acf-7370d372-708c299d.dmpI/UTERRORONOES(27097): BTSync Core error: coreCrashCallback() called successfully.D/Zygote ( 4618): Process 27097 terminated by signal (7)W/InputDispatcher( 4918): channel '4202b698 com.bittorrent.sync/com.bittorrent.sync.ui.activity.MainActivity (server)' ~ Consumer closed input channel or an error occurred. events=0x9E/InputDispatcher( 4918): channel '4202b698 com.bittorrent.sync/com.bittorrent.sync.ui.activity.MainActivity (server)' ~ Channel is unrecoverably broken and will be disposed!W/InputDispatcher( 4918): Attempted to unregister already unregistered input channel '4202b698 com.bittorrent.sync/com.bittorrent.sync.ui.activity.MainActivity (server)'I/ActivityManager( 4918): Process com.bittorrent.sync (pid 27097) has died.I/WindowState( 4918): WIN DEATH: Window{4202b698 u0 com.bittorrent.sync/com.bittorrent.sync.ui.activity.MainActivity}W/ActivityManager( 4918): Scheduling restart of crashed service com.bittorrent.sync/.service.CoreService in 16384000msW/ActivityManager( 4918): Force removing ActivityRecord{432dc2a0 u0 com.bittorrent.sync/.ui.activity.MainActivity t165}: app died, no saved stateW/Binder (25870): Caught a RuntimeException from the binder stub implementation.W/Binder (25870): java.lang.NullPointerExceptionW/Binder (25870): at android.inputmethodservice.IInputMethodWrapper.setSessionEnabled(IInputMethodWrapper.java:280)W/Binder (25870): at com.android.internal.view.IInputMethod$Stub.onTransact(IInputMethod.java:129)W/Binder (25870): at android.os.Binder.execTransact(Binder.java:404)W/Binder (25870): at dalvik.system.NativeStart.run(Native Method)W/InputMethodManagerService( 4918): Got RemoteException sending setActive(false) notification to pid 27097 uid 10078I/Timeline( 8738): Timeline: Activity_idle id: android.os.BinderProxy@41fb4e48 time:119920842I/Timeline( 4918): Timeline: Activity_windows_visible id: ActivityRecord{4218c8d8 u0 com.cyanogenmod.trebuchet/org.cyanogenmod.trebuchet.CustomHomeLauncher t5} time:119920870Can someone confirm that it is safe to post the dump file with sync codes??; E/UTERRORONOES(27097): Dump path: /data/data/com.bittorrent.sync/files/.sync//558ac36b-c079-2acf-7370d372-708c299d.dmp
  2. Hi, Please note PI is only 700mhz. It will indeed spin down your HD when it is not in use. I would advise to take 1 harddisk with external power supply. Also note that your disk is a 3.5 SATA disk, PI has no sata ports only usb. Therefore you need a USB disk with a external power supply. If you don't have a external power supply there is a big chance it will not be usable as a PI is only powered by 5v USB. Also i don't think the PI can handle files over 1gb. Bottleneck would be CPU > RAM > DISK
  3. Got problem again, still not fixed.
  4. Try the version released today. Fixed some syncing problems like out of sync.
  5. Debug log will be written to the normal log. Debug.txt is only enabling it.
  6. Is bug, will be fixed in next version. You could try right click on encrypted folder, overwrite changes.
  7. Sorry of the odd question, but when can we expect a next beta version? Actually waiting for a fix or the "out of sync" problem with encrypted read nodes. Happy programming!
  8. Make sure your home folder is the folder under which btsync is running.
  9. On a QNAP the root account is named admin. You could use sudo -u <user> btsync To install sudo type; ipkg install sudo
  10. Depends, if you download btsync from the site you are only provided with a binary which should be started manually, or you can indeed create an init.d script (startup script). You can find one here too: https://gist.github.com/5398362.git Or use btsync from an unofficial repository for example; http://forum.bittorrent.com/topic/18974-debian-and-ubuntu-server-unofficial-packages-for-bittorrent-sync/
  11. I agree that 1.3 was way more stable. Also with 1.4 I have out of sync on ARM processors? (bug) Though I know it still in beta phase.
  12. I can confirm this. HTTPS is not working, also when i trust the self signed certificate on the client. Keeps loading... HTTP works well.