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  1. Yes the devices see each other and are all in the same local network. As I mentioned the synchronization of folders works fine also with the iOS client. The only thing I can't getting work is the synchronization between the camera roll of the iOS device and my QNAP NAS. I've tried it also with the BTSync client for Mac with the same result. The client can't find a device to connect to? As mentioned for folder sync it works fine. I agree with you! Maybe the new procedure is not more insecure than the old one but the old solution feels more trustworthy in my eyes. Just share a hash key b
  2. @RomanZ Ok I think this make it more clear for me. I can't get it running up to know but I'm sure this is just a question of time. The old way for me was a little bit more intuitiv and more easy to use. I can't see a benefit in using this key exchange method but compared to directly transferring this information from one device to another. Especially if I use the sync just for my local devices. But I now understand better how it works. So thanks for your quick answer. Update: It works well for folder synchronization between all my devices but I can't get the sync running between my
  3. I'm using the latest version (1.4.35) of the BitTorrent client for iOS and it works well for syncing folders between my NAS and my phone. The only thing that is not acceptable for me is the new way of sharing my camera roll with my NAS. Therefor I'm forced to use a link to but I won't send my secret to someone else than my local network peer. Why than use a secret if this 'secret' is transferred to the internet? Is there a way to get the secret without using this link?