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  1. I'm trying to set up BT Sync so that it uses my home network rather than the internet so that it backs up as quickly as possible. I'm backing up, rather than syncing, several folders from my phone to my pc. Both are connected to my router wirelessly. The issue I have is that the backup isn't happening, probably because the devices can't see each other. I have disabled the following settings for each folder: Use relay server when required Use tracket server Search DHT network I have Search LAN enabled. A screenshot of the settings can be seen here: Looking at
  2. Thanks for your response RomanZ. I ended up uninstalling the app because of the file duplication issue. I can't tell if it was a bug or if I wasn't using it properly. The latter may be true, I was trying to use the sync setting for backup purposes. I'm now using the backup setting (for some reason I couldn't/didn't find the backup option until after I reinstalled the app. Perhaps I had version 1.3 on my phone, rather than version 1.4). Either way, when I uninstalled the app I suddenly had 6gb of free space on my SD card. In my post earlier I mentioned that after running my first sync it us
  3. Thanks for your reply GreatMarko. The problem is that even with the value set to 0, when I delete a file on my phone it deletes the file on my PC. Unless I misunderstood the post the purpose of setting the value to 0 is to prevent this from happening.
  4. I have followed all the steps and when I delete a file on the phone it also deletes it on my PC. WHen I set the value it puts an asterisk to the left of the 0. Screenshot here
  5. Hi RomanZ, thanks for your response. On closer inspection what appears to have happened is that BTSync has created a file structure inside the directory (my phone)\Card\Android\data\com.bittorrent.sync\files for all the folders I wanted to sync from the SD card of my phone to my PC. This file structure is mirrored on my PC and all the files I wanted to transfer have been transferred. There are no duplicates of these files on the phone. So far so good. The bit that's caused the confusion: I added files from both my phone SD card and internal memory to be synced, and I used the same BTSync f
  6. When I create a folder on my android to sync to my PC, what does BTSync do with the files that I choose to sync? Does it: 1. Leave them in their old directory and send them to my BTSync folder on my PC. 2. Move them to the BTSync folder on my phone and then send them to my BTSync folder on my PC. 3. Copy the files to the BTSync folder on the phone and also leave them in their old location, thus creating duplicates, before sending the files to my BTSync folder on my PC. I ask because I've set it up to sync some folders to my PC and the old directories are there but some of them are