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  1. I installed version 1.4 of BTSync to get my home and lab PCs synced. I used BTSync to sychronize research data and papers I am writing. I had been previously using 1.2 and 1.3 with success. I have ~20GB of data to sync. Most files are < 10MB in size and many are small text files of recorded data (<100KB). Transfer rates range from 1-300KBps at times, though occasionally it drops as low as 500Bps or less. I'm having some difficulty determining exactly where the bottlenecks are. It could be that the small file size is the primary issue. The "server" machine (the one with the 20GB on it right now) is at my home so I have control over NAT and firewall there. For the work Machine, I lack control over ports and throttling, which might be the issue (though 500Bps seems remarkably low). What are the major things I should explore to improve transmission rates? 13 days seems a bit dramatic for transfer time, at that rate it's better to revert to sneakernet.