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  1. Really would still like to stay with my current version and not have to use the business version, hoping they still roll this back and allow Server OS installations with the regular Pro license, as they should.
  2. Having the same issues as everyone else with Windows Server (use it for storage and syncing of mine and my family's personal files), I have the Pro license and even upgraded to the family Pro license since I was happy and wanted to support development, is there anything we can do?
  3. Thanks, found that afterwards (though it still didn't always work like it was supposed to), but I'm going back to 1.4 anyway, it worked well, had no issues, and was free. I don't gain anything out of 2.0, and definitely don't plan on paying for the features that 1.x had for free.
  4. How can I set BTSync 2.0 to not sync all my folders automatically on each connected device? I want to have to manually tell it to sync a folder, and where to sync it to, instead of having it just start syncing every folder that I add to another device. Thanks!
  5. Hmm... Seeing that now, but doesn't the Share screen give you a link, instead of a secret? Thanks!
  6. Has the ability to generate a one time secret (read/write or read only) been removed? I loved that concept, used it a bunch of times... Thanks!