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  1. Thanks, found that afterwards (though it still didn't always work like it was supposed to), but I'm going back to 1.4 anyway, it worked well, had no issues, and was free. I don't gain anything out of 2.0, and definitely don't plan on paying for the features that 1.x had for free.
  2. How can I set BTSync 2.0 to not sync all my folders automatically on each connected device? I want to have to manually tell it to sync a folder, and where to sync it to, instead of having it just start syncing every folder that I add to another device. Thanks!
  3. Hmm... Seeing that now, but doesn't the Share screen give you a link, instead of a secret? Thanks!
  4. Has the ability to generate a one time secret (read/write or read only) been removed? I loved that concept, used it a bunch of times... Thanks!