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  1. greetings. i loved BT sync before the last two updates.


    ever since those upgrades, i'm having a deleting problem that sounds similar to the ones discussed here. i upgrade sync on my main box, when it goes to sync to its clients, an older version of the file on a client overwrites a newer version of the file on my main box. so far i've been able to find the newer version in the archive, but i am terrified of setting up my whole network losing track of all the deletions. my main box is OSX 10.8.5 and my clients are an android phone and an OSX 10.7.5 box.


    thanks in advance. have an illustrious day.

  2. good morning and thanks for bittorrent sync. it does what all encrypted cloud sync applications should.

    i am stumped by the slow folder rescan that i am experiencing on my Macs.

    from what i read it seems that even though the Mac OS is slow to detect changes to files, if you set the folder_rescan_interval to a low number, that function should pick up the changes. it still takes an unknown amount of time upwards of 20 minutes for me to get two Macs sitting beside one another in my office to mirror to sync.

    is the folder_rescan prevented from "seeing" file changes if the Mac OS has yet to see them? in other words, it wouldn't matter how low you set the folder_rescan_interval because if the Mac OS hasn't seen the change, bittorrent sync can't see it. do i have that correct?

    i've now changed disk_low_priority to false to see if maybe that was the issue.

    thanks in advance for any info you might have.

    have an illustrious day.