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  1. @RomanZ - Thanks for the reply. So, the IgnoreList file needs to match on all peers to avoid getting in to the Out Of Sync state? That's doable for me at the moment, but what if, if the future, I want to back up to different peers with different rules of ignoring files? Is this what you mean by it being "a known issue"? ..i.e. it's behaviour that is going to be addressed and improved in the future? (I just noticed that I'm not *currently* seeing that message, so it could be that the issue's been addressed alraedy - I think I did see my Android clients updating a couple of days ago...)
  2. I have a little more information. Firstly, I was confused why I was getting the "Out Of Sync" message on the Andoird client. This is a "backup" or "read-only" share, so surely it should know nothing of the other clients syncing with it - how can it go "out of sync" with nothing? I then found that this message appeared if a file within the directory was deleted whiles Sync was running. If I did a full Exit of the application, and then re-started it, this error would often clear on the Android client, and syncing would then sometimes continue. So, the 'fix' here appears to be - only open S
  3. Hi, I have two Android devices (one Android v4.2.2, the other v4.4.2) both running v1.4.44.0, and an Ubuntu 14.04 machine running v1.4.0-4. I have created some read-only (I think now called 'backup' in v1.4?) syncs on my Android devices, which I'm syncing to my Ubuntu box. One of these is working, but a couple of them show as "Out Of Sync" on both the Android client and the Ubuntu web gui. My hunch is that this happened after I changed the .sync/IgnoreList and restarted btsync on the Ubuntu machine. In the sync.log on the Ubuntu machine, the two folders that are not syncing both gener