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  1. Sorry... I've switched to Syncthing. Best of luck in your future endeavors.
  2. Sooooo... 1.3.109 does the exact same thing, which means I won't be sticking with BTSync any longer in any fashion at all. I wonder just how long this issue has existed, and what kind of data I have lost to it? The only reason I know about my todo.txt files getting clobbered is because I see it on my desktop all the time. I don't want to think about how it might have desynchronized careful edits to the tag structure of my meticulously organized music collection, or undid a revision to a very important work project or school project. This is absolutely unacceptable.
  3. The same thing happens for me up through 1.4.92. I do a bunch of work on my work computer, especially stuff involving todo.txt, and then I start up my laptop. My laptop has now taken to mercilessly clobbering every change I make on my work computer whenever it starts up BTSync, and it's unacceptable. My work computer is NH116, and my laptop is TiZLappy; so in my history on TiZLappy, I'll see "NH116 updated file todo/done.txt", on NH116, I'll see "Updated file todo/done.txt", and my done tasks will disappear on the work computer. The language used in the history suggests that NH116 pushed out an update, but what really happens is exactly the opposite. I have a debug log for TiZLappy: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=nJDRX7aY The other computer mentioned, Cerebro, is my home server. I have not yet tried 1.4.93. And honestly, I'm probably not going to. I have no patience for this. I will be downgrading to 1.3.109 probably tomorrow. EDIT: Oh, you have GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. Now even while TiZLappy is up and running, I make a change on my work computer, and TiZLappy's like "nope, overwritten." EDIT 2: I restarted BTSync on both computers and they finally started behaving. The debug log for just before I restarted is here: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=041MtTEp
  4. I'm almost certain this is related to the issue that I am having. What's going on, you guys? You used to have version resolution under control and now it's gone completely to crap!
  5. On my Android phone, the app Simpletask Cloudless, a todo.txt client, was connected to the issue, so I checked to see if that app was doing something absurd like setting todo.txt and done.txt as recently modified just for looking at it. So after making sure that every device had the same base todo.txt, I made a filler task on my work computer to get destroyed in the sync process, which meant its todo.txt was modified and was officially the newest version. My laptop was nearby and received it fine. I then opened Simpletask on my phone before they were re-synchronized. I then left it and went to Sync, and it did its work. The newer todo.txt got overwritten. So at that point it could have been Simpletask or Sync. I killed Simpletask, then made another task on my work computer, rendering todo.txt newer once more. The laptop received it again just fine. I opened Sync on my phone again without touching Simpletask. It was overwritten again. So this isn't Simpletask; this is entirely Sync's fault. Problem is, there's no option to get debug logs on android, so I have no way of knowing why the android version insists that its files are the newest versions. But then my workstation randomly did it too one day. I don't have a debug log; debug logging wasn't enabled at the time that it happened, and I haven't reproduced it since. I'm not sure how to reproduce the conditions under which it happened, because it seemed like everything was going well until then. I feel with my workstation in particular, it may be connected to a separate issue I'm having; on my workstation, which I just leave on forever, BTSync just straight up freezes up after I leave it on long enough. So I have to kill -9 it. I actually have a thing in my crontab that kills and restarts it because I know it's always going to freeze up. I have the android version set to auto-sleep to save battery, so I wonder if these issues are connected. I'm guessing that when they wake up they're all like "HEY I HAVE THESE FILES WHO WANTS THEM COOL HERE" and don't really care about whether or not their files are actually the newest ones or not. I don't know if it's relevant, but the todo.txt folder is part of a nested share on the desktops; There's ~/Documents that gets synced, and ~/Documents/todo that also gets synced, but it is only a separate share because Simpletask Cloudless doesn't let you choose a folder. Between the data integrity issues and the freezing issue, both of which I'm not sure how to track down, I don't think I trust BTSync anymore. It used to give me everything I needed too. :/
  6. Okay, so I have bittorrent sync in use on three computers: a personal server, a laptop, and my workstation, all running Linux; as well as my Android phone. I have trusted BTSync since around 1.2.82, and was very happy with it then, until the phone update forced me to the 1.4 series. I had to reconfigure Sync entirely, but it wasn't working badly until just now. I use todo.txt. I have recently dropped Todoist in favor of it because with it and conky, I can get a persistent view of my completed tasks. Seeing your done list grow is just as important as seeing your to-do list shrink, after all. Until my phone decided to get in on the sync action, and then arbitrarily, for no discernibly good reason, decided that the outdated todo.txt and done.txt files it had were the newest versions, and overwrote the todo.txt and done.txt I had been working with the whole day. Luckily, I was able to restore those files thanks to the sync archive. If not for that, I'd be pretty livid right now. But I'd like to try and get some prevention here; I don't want to get caught with my pants down if something more important gets overwritten, or something gets overwritten and I don't notice until it's too late. What information do you need from me to diagnose this?