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  1. @borahshadow For experiences sharing of mobile(Android only), it is 16G only on my hand now. It is easy to over the memory limited after take photos and videos by my mobile, They all will sync to my Ubuntu Server, but i need to move the photos and videos(already btsync to my server) to another folder, then release the mobile memory after re-btsync. I now try to write a code a my ubuntu server for auto. move the data from my mobile sync folder to another folder after detecting a 80% full of my mobile, then auto. clean the mobile by re-btsync. So it will like the mobile always has memory for my photos and videos. @RomanZ At beginning, i know btsync does not support "Nested Sync Folders", in my understanding of your above wording. it is support now but RW only. It is very helpful for sub-folder which sync to mobile(which is limited memory, such as: 16G), but a larger folder(including this sub-folder) sync to my notebook. So inside on Tree of sync folder can include the notebook data and mobile. Before i need to have separated two tree of sync folders, which separated my data tree i do not like.
  2. @colinabroad and btsync supporting team, I have trouble in Chinese file name and folder. I can say, it was working before for Chinese file name, all go normal, so i have not paid attention in this issue. Once i talked with Colinabroad, i start to pay attention, i create some testing in Chinese file name and folder name, they both cannot be sync now. I just tried to copy a Chinese file and save as to a English name(same file content), i can see it immediately exists in my another side of computer. My system as: 1) both computers as Ubuntu 12.04 and 14.04 2) I upgraded both to 1.4.93 beta recently I suspect Chinese file name was working before by some older versions, but i cannot find out the clear cut that which version does not work. I need Chinese file handling day by day, could you please to help me to settle this issue? thanks yan
  3. @colinabroad For your previous post, you talked as: >> 5: The reason for renaming folders was that I discovered that added/edited files within folders with Chinese names were not being synced. On changing the folder name to have Roman characters (English) first the files within got synced - very odd, and perhaps not a problem for many people who don't have Chinese on their computers I just shared my existing situation as: 2 ways sync in both Ubuntu Linux computer with Unicode ext4 file system, i can sync all Chinese mp3 and mp4 file names.
  4. hi all, I found a problem in auto. start the btsync App after power ON the Android device. i click the Settings -> Auto-start, but it cannot starts by itself after power ON. Lastly, i found i moved the btsync to external SD card, it happened. If i moved back to "internal Device Memory", it can auto. start now. I just share my experience, this problem is solved now for me.
  5. hi I have a long queue of files waiting to sync again. The previous few days, i had the same problem, i posted the issue here(at above). After i sent some debug log to supporting, i disconnected the sync pair myself, then re-connect again. It can connected and completed the sync. After operation of one day, it comes the same situation now, the screenshots are same to above my attachement. I find that in my sync pair of computers: "A" computer said it is "synced", the "B" computer said it is "Sending (indexing)". If i modifyed any files at "B" computer, the history of "B" have corresponding update message. However, "A" computer seems no any notice to it, still in "synced", so do not start any sync process. At "A" computer, it has some other folders to sync to other devices, such as my Android mobile, they are syncing and no any problem. So the btsync deamon at "A" Computer is running normally. thanks yan
  6. hi all, My case as: - i have two ubuntu linux computers: ubuntu 12.04 and 14.04. - a sync folder as total 291G with 1,148,734 files i added and operated the files and btsync will show completed sync before until this morning, i moved a ~8G folder from sub-folder-A to sub-folder-B (both sub-folders are inside the sync folder) and operated some files at different locations(still inside this sync folder). Then it does not have sync any more, it just queue up the new changed files, i undo the moving of ~8G folder, however, still cannot help. please have a look of the following images i do not have solution to let them to re-sync again, where can i see the queue reason to let me know how can i solve it? is it a problem of too large files size, too many files and folders which excess my computers processing power(i mean actually btsync is running, but it is extreme slow)? thanks yan
  7. hi RomanZ, my note book as: Asus U24A cpu -- Intel® Core i5-3210M CPU @ 2.50GHz RAM -- 8G HD -- 5400RPM my server as: cpu -- Intel® Celeron® CPU J1800 @ 2.41GHz RAM -- 2G HD -- 5400RPM This "synctcpreq: Unable To Uncompress Incoming Data, Err = -5" comes out again, i manaully restart the btsync each time. What's wrong of this message? thanks yan
  8. hi all, I quit the btsync, then restart again, the above error message is gone at my log file. However, i am still under a long long indexing in both sides, do somebody have experiences in ~400G data with 2338663 files? is it normal for a more than a week indexing? thanks yan
  9. hi All, I got the above message at my notebook log file. Mine configuration is: Notebook: Ubuntu 12.04, btsync-common 1.4.75-1 by debian package with non-official btsync-gui 0.8.5-1(but i do not think related to GUI). Turn on the debug logging. Desktop: Ubuntu 14.04, btsync-common 1.4.75-1 by debian package with btsync 1.4.0-4. Turn on the debug logging. Now i have ~400G data with 2338663 files, the notebook has already indexing for a week already(that changes my notebook as very slow operation performance) and still under indexing, two Ubuntus are 24 hrs power ON. They are under connected, but up and down rate are 0 B/s. Please have any advice for the above message, is it normal? I still need to wait, right? thanks yan