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  1. Would be great if you detailed the fixes. I never really experienced crashing, just Sync being dumb and deleting files it shouldn't.
  2. I agree 100% and I would seriously suggest you check your important files. I found that Sync was merging versions of files that I was working on one machine incorrectly and just deleting files I hadn't touched. Really worrying so I stopped using it at that point and just decided I would watch the forum and wait for it to stabilise.
  3. I think it needs to be a lot more obvious that Sync is still in a beta state. I originally thought it wasn't then finally after the 4th time checking the download page did i see the word Beta. It needs to be a-lot more obvious so people understand that maybe they shouldn't trust this program with their important files...
  4. Have any of the actual real sync issues been fixed since v1.475? It seems the change log just says various crashes or UI fixes. Whilst the UI does suck, it is far less important than a stable sync engine...
  5. I also have this issue on 1.4.75. Have 2 OSX clients and 1 Linux client. Quiet frustrating that a >v1.0 release can be this unstable and broken.