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  1. I feel the same. 2.0 doesn't seem to work. 1.4 didn't completely work with out of sync problems, but the crippleware feature added in 2.0 is not good. I can understand charging for support, but the limits are too basic where it is not going to be usable. I thought this was more of an open source project and that is why I supported it. I agree, I would consider jump ship and sideline this until better solutions came out.
  2. So I upgraded to sync 2.0. I couldn't get the syncing to work with 2.0 and 1.4 intermixed. I decided to try to wipe out all existence of 1.4 peers, and use purely 2.0. First, I can't find how to share keys in an internetless environment, but that is not the big problem. I was trying to clear up all the connections -- I thought I was "disconnecting" from my peers. I had setup a "master"/"slave" setup where the Desktops on the laptops to act as a master, and then had a few lab systems act as ReadOnly sync copies in case the laptop got stolen or lost or crashed. Well, due to the upgrade to 2.0,
  3. Hi. I use to use BTSync 1.4, wasn't perfect, but I finally got into the groove and it generally synced things despite leaving a few orphaned files. I decided that I'd finally move to the 2.0 and hope that everything is fixed. I switch to BTSync 2.0, I can't find the "view keys" options. I can't find the official documentation, so I'm here on the forum. It looks like the "view keys" option has disappeared. how does one share a folder when there is no internet in the lab? I use to use the "view keys" option in 1.4, and copy/paste the RO or RW keys. Help. I've upgraded, and I can't get up.
  4. I am confused how the new 2.0 shares keys when the systems are in an environment without internet connection. I use to use the RO/RW keys in 1.4, and I can't seem to find this in 2.0. In an environment without internet connectivity, how are we supose to give access, are we supose to use the link as the key?
  5. I am unable to send the logs due to it being a production system and references to files of confidential nature. I see 3 files on the win7 side. it appears that the ubuntu fileserver is happy, but the win7-desktop thinks it has files to sync. Here is the log version: 1.4.83platform: Windows workstation 6.1.7601 amd64[2014-09-24 11:47:43] total physical memory 4170080256 max disk cache 33554432 [2014-09-24 11:47:44] Using IP address[2014-09-24 11:47:44] Aes BCrypt algorithm provider has been loaded and initialized[2014-09-24 11:47:44] Loading config file version 1.4.83[2014-
  6. I'm seeing the same problems. orphaned files and no way to remove them or sync them.
  7. Hello, I'm syncing win7-x64 "Desktop" folder using btsync-1.4.83 to ubuntu-14.04-server x64 with btsync downloaded at the same time. My next test was to disrupt the connection and resync rw copies. I found some problems when multiple nics exist on my win7 laptop. I got a workaround to turn off all the nics except one and exit and restart btsync. this seems to make it so that btsync is not waiting endlessly and not finding it's lan peers. I've got the select boxes set to not use the internet (deselected relay, deselected dht, and deselected tracker) I switched my test over to syncing a RO
  8. I'm also seeing an out of sync with a read-only share. It was running fine and then hours later, it is now out of sync. I'm trying to debug this, and I see the "/.sync/Streams - error 2". What the heck is an error 2. are these error messages in some document somewhere?
  9. I'm trying to debug why my peers are not connecting. Sometimes they do, and then when I come back, hours later, they are disconnected. I see a peer "testhost1", but they don't see each other. I've narrowed down the problem to an issue with multiple nics on the systems and which IP they are binding to, but I can't see what IP that Bittorrent Sync belives is that of the peer on the peer list. It would be nice to make that information visible to the user
  10. I'm also interested in finding out more too. I've got a couple similar issues: I've got a win7 laptop that I'm trying to sync with a ubuntu fileserver. The laptop has multiple NICs (wifi, and Gigabit Ethernet). I'd like the syncing to occur through either nics, but my scenario is further complicated. Sometimes I enable routing through my laptop. There is a bug with win7 routing where it doesn't play well with the wifi, so I hook up a hardline through the GE port and routes out through my hotspot. In this scenario, I find out my laptop IP changes from 192.168.137.xyz to My file
  11. Getting API key Last Updated: Jun 13, 2014 09:22AM PDT In order to use the BitTorrent Sync API, you'll need a special API key. Fill out this short form to get your key. Make sure to include a valid email address and accept the terms and conditions of using the API. You’ll then receive an email with all of the info you need to start coding. Clicking on the "short form" link goes to a 404 Error.
  12. I've turned on debugging and I am not able to debug further. Is there a page describing how to be able to get more information as to what is going on? I can't get my peers to detect each other, yet I can connect between them using other apps. I can't really find anything useful in the debug logs to find out why I'm having this problem. I'm using the latest 1.4.83 on Win7-x64 with a ubuntu-14.04-server-x64.
  13. So I created a win7-x64 "Desktop" folder on my laptop, started syncing it RW with my ubuntu-14.04 server x64 ext4 fileserver. That goes all well. I take the laptop containing "Desktop" folder out of the network, come back home at the end of the day, and expect it to sync back with my fileserver. I expect that there should start a resync quickly, but it never syncs back up or recognizes each other. laptop is using DHCP, but I am guessing that wouldn't matter. options are setup such that only LAN connection is ever used (and does not utilize the internet (relay, tracker, or dht). I can't tell
  14. Hello, 1) I've got the "Store deleted files in folder archive" selected, but i'm low on space and is there an ability to throttle how much GB or number of days is stored. My understanding is archive is stored 30 days. I'd like to say like only use up 1GB for archive space, or throttle down to 7 days of backup. 2) Can I just delete files in this archive with the delete button, or are the existence of the files tied to some .sync* file needs to know it was deleted. I'm afraid I'll corrupt internal mechanism and screw things up. 3) When the file is deleted, all the peers delete the file, bu
  15. Hello, I'm somewhat of a newbie, so I'm not sure if it is a bug, feature, or I'm just doing it wrong. I have laptop, and add a Desktop folder. On the fileserver, I add a read-write key, and all is fine. it syncs etc. I then disconnect the folder on the fileserver and do stuff like a reboot. then I try to reconnect the fileserver with the same read-write key, I get a complaint that the folder is not empty. It is what I expect so I don't have to resync the whole thing again. The two folders never sync and the laptop Desktop folder keeps changing. The laptop reports 0 of 1 peer. I go to the