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  1. Figured this one out: Share url's are case-sensitive. Our sharing method was automatically lowercasing the links which broke in Sync.
  2. Do share links work if t/r.usyncapp.com and the associated IP addresses are blocked by our firewall? We are testing btsync for use by design staff on LAN only and would love to use the magnet links. Currently external access is blocked by our firewall so employee access can be revoked without regenerating keys. Clicking a share link such as btsync://link.getsync.com/#... open the application but NOT the add folder dialog. A 500 error appears in the log: [20140922 15:48:44.813] API: --> getsyncfolders(discovery=1&t=1411418924808)[20140922 15:48:45.824] API: --> getsyncfolders(discove
  3. Is it possible to generate our own magnet links (rather than using: https://link.getsync.com)? We would love to use btsync internally on our company LAN to synchronize project directories between designers. Currently, it appears the "Share.." generated links don't work with r.usyncapp.com and t.usyncapp.com blocked (can't allow public use, since we'd need to regenerate ALL keys after an employee is de-authorized). We would love to keep an index of magnet links for project folders that would only work our on internal LAN. Perhaps it's possible to generate these via PHP/whatever using the key
  4. Similarly, I'm using it to organize multiple projects/sub-projects. So I may have multiple folders call "Media Assets" or "Documentation".. impossible in the current interface to tell which is which. Would love to be able to rename the bookmark AND add sub folders to the interface to keep them organized.