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  1. As far as I know dropbox cannot do this either. However, when dropbox has its repository on the internal storage it will only download files on demand keeping the required storage space to a minimum. For files required offline on the android device, dropbox has the option to mark files as favorites which stores the files locally. I would be happy with a similar setup in Sync but what I understand is that once a file is opened from sync on the local device, it will store the file locally from then on, is that correct. Is there any explenation/documentation where local storage policy with sync on android is explained?
  2. In general I like to have a passcode on the app since I would like to store all the sensitive data (such a meeting minutes, and not porn as suggested, not that it is any concern to you ChrisH) and such in one place. If I want to access that I would like it to be passcode protected. You're right when you say you secure the entire device with a passcode and thus secure the data. The thing is I access my phone dozens of times a day and I don't want to enter the passcode every single time, so It's setup with a pattern lock (which is not the most secure) and only locks every 30 minutes, for easy access, which is enough security for for general use of the phone. For the cloud data however I want to lock with a passcode every single time it is accessed, hence the request for a passcode. I agree this will not stop android savy persons who know how to access the data via file explorer apps, file encryption of the local files would make this a complete package.
  3. No need to start trolling just because I see use for something you seem to think is redundant. Just trying to be constructive here.
  4. Option for syncing images and movies stored on SDcard with the Camera Backup option, so when the device is configured to store pictures taken with the camera, on the SD card, these are also synced and not just those on internal storage. A passcode for the app when opened might also be usefull
  5. Exactly the same issues here. Dropbox does not seem to have this issue although I noticed that it's repository is now stored on the internal storage of the phone with no option to change that to the SD, where in the past on my old phone, I'm quite sure this was also on the SD card. Did dropbox moved the repository to the internal storage on android 4.4 for the same reason why Sync is having issues here? I think most people would rather store their data on the SD as Internal storage is usually limited in size.