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  1. I've been installing sync on XP boxes all day, and at least the version I have tells me that it will enable the localhost:8888 gui, I install firefox, connect to it, and it works just fine. 1.4.83 (sorry, original said 1.4.75) In fact, the web gui is easier to use and has one feature I need that the regular interface doesn't, which is being able to add a folder just knowing the key, w/o all this c/p crap. I'm trying to figure out how to enable the HTTP interface on a permanent basis, since the installer is obviously capable of it. And the headless versions have it as well, like on FreeNAS
  2. Internal use server, no email client, I just want the darn RO key for the folder. Use I enable copy key, and get a link that I paste into a browser on a different machine, which then tells me I have to install sync 1.4 on this machine, which I don't want to have sync on, in order to continue. It's XP, so I had to install firefox in order to even surf the configuration gui, which is annoying, although understandable. Why is this so much harder than it used to be? I just want the darn key. I don't have a problem with additional functionality, but why take away something that was easy-peas