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  1. I would like to sync my photos so that I can see them on my phone, tablets, however I don't really like to have them actually all on my phone since storage is limited.(just like dropbox and other cloud services) Also on my phone or tablets, it is really hard to know which photos I am looking for when file names are most likely DSGxxx, IMGxxx without thumbnails. Maybe for people who wouldn't need this, it is always good to have a checkbox for options.
  2. Without thumbnail, I am having trouble which photo I am looking for since many of my photos have just number for the filenames. On top of that, it will be great to have option to download only photos I want if there are thumbnails. So in that case, btsync only sync with list and thumbnail for photos/videos instead of all actual files. More over it would be great if btsync can have a choice to stream videos rather than syncing. Thank you.
  3. +1 here. BSync is so capable of many, but it also lacks in many for now. It all depends on how the developer listens to the users, I think. Btw, thank you for the great software.
  4. Could you please have the thumbnails for individual files especially for photos? Thank you.