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  1. Im on Ubuntu 32b 12.04. When I goto the icon in the task bar and goto "open web ui" it tries to open localhost port 9999 which fails. When I open the bt sync itself it has a different listening port, but accessing that in the browser does not work. How do I check which port is in use and/or set it? 1.1.103 / 0.8.5
  2. I noticed in my app there is an "Approvals" menu item which was hiding, clicked in there to approve and voila, sync started!
  3. Another stupid question.... OK, I think I get the diff between the GUI and the other version now. I installed btsync-gui fine on Ubuntu 12.04. I had been running I assume the user package before but am not sure since I installed it a while ago. The prior version though I had a blank username/password to access the Web GUI, at least I was not entering it accessing it. After the new install I goto it says "authentication required" and asks for a u/p as per design. So I did "btsync-gui --webui --bindui --username MyName --password MySecretPassword --savedefaul
  4. OK, I'm confused. I uninstalled btsync-gui and installed btsync-user. My Android phone now shares links and when I access it on LM17 64bit it says "Just a moment while we start your request...Please make sure Sync 1.4 is running to receive this folder." But when I installed the User, it says in the UI its 1.3. Can you explain how to upgrade? Version 1.3.109Up to date"