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  1. I have send you the procmon file by private message.
  2. I am runing windows 7 profesional N. Also i am sure it is not in a locked state.
  3. We have TrendMicro OfficeScan (corporate). It has no firewall. I have tried with antivirus disabled with same results.
  4. Folder exists, but empty. MD5 is correct for downloaded files. I have tried x86 and x64 (on a x64 system). Installer does not stars.When you double click mouse cursor changes for a few secconds to the clock and nothing happends.
  5. It just stars and ends. No error messsage is on the screen. I think there is a problem with windows Application Data folder redirection. I was asking for a log because of this. I have downloaded it several times just to check that it is correct. Anyway do you have the correct MD5 for the file?
  6. At windows 7 64, new BitTorrent does not start. Is there any debug log for the installer?