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  1. sparkyblaster, when you scan a QR code it links mobile device to the peer which show the QR code. If you have standard folders only you can link your phone to PC then PC will receive standard folders. Sync uses certificates for advanced folders so certificates won't be valid if you change identity. That's why you need to add advanced folders again. I said that you don't need to activate trial license if you want to paste M-key into "Manual Connection". That way works correctly for desktop. If you want to link desktop device to mobile device you can copy M-key from the mobile device. To do
  2. sparkyblaster, there is such an option. You can create identity, install the license/activate trial license, then open My devices => this device => Unlink. After that you will be suggested to create new identity or link to existing device. You can resent us the email in the support system as your license should be personal and link should work. Then we'll be able to check it. Unfortunately there is no way to "Delete device". You need to unlink device from other devices. To do that first you need to make sure that Sync is able to discover other devices. After that open My device
  3. sparkyblaster, many users who have installed Sync first time find it too confusing to choose what they want: "create new identity" or "link to another device". They didn't know what to choose next and deleted Sync before trying it. Now Sync doesn't ask that question it asks to create identity name. Most of users don't need "My devices" feature so we hid it and if someone needs it, he or she can install the license or activate trial license and proceed next. Please note that you don't need to activate PRO license to link to existing peer with the license and identity. You only need to do that o
  4. sparkyblaster, unfortunately we still don't have response from you too. Maybe you used another e-mail and the e-mail from the forum doesn't work. It it appeared in the SPAM folder. I doubt that you reached device limit. Unfortunately without logs we cannot suggest why it happened and why now it works. My devices feature was hidden so new users won't be confused what to do next. That's why after initial installation you need to create identity first then activate the trial and only after that you can link other peers. Although you don't need to activate the license if you paste M-key
  5. sparkyblaster, Unfortunately I cannot find your request. So I created a ticket and send you the link to upload logs. Let's continue our discussion in the support system. Regarding your question - you can do that but it is not recommended because when you add a folder and connect each peer Sync will calculate hash of each file and compare it with another peer and it might take a while.
  6. sparkyblaster, did you use your forum email or some other email? Your last ticket with that email was last year. And this topic is not mentioned in any ticket. Could you tell your ticket number?
  7. sparkyblaster, you can send us logs from both devices. And we'll see if something is wrong with time or time zone or something else. But don't forget to mention this topic.
  8. sparkyblaster, did you check timezone on each peer? If you have the same time but different time zones you will see that time difference is more than 10 minutes. Sync connects to our tracker server to discover other peers. You will see "Cannot connect to the tracker" at the bottom of the Sync. But linking devices with time difference error related only to your devices. You can send us logs if you want. We'll analyze it and show you if there is time difference or not. You can submit them using this form.
  9. Sync relies on UTC time. You need to have correct both time and time zone on all devices. If you have 5:00 UTC+01 and 5:00 UTC+00 you will have 1 hour time difference between devices.
  10. Jan Cherniak, developers are working on the fix. But it has not been reported that it is fixed. However you can try beta version on Android, because fixes arrive there sooner than for regular android version.
  11. chmars2020, current version for auto-update is 2.2.7. The latest 2.3.3 version is not available for auto-update yet. Released versions are not put into auto-update for some time in case if there are critical bugs we couldn't find.
  12. Jan Cherniak, thank you. We'll investiage it, because we can reproduce it sometimes.
  13. Jan Cherniak, is the "Auto update Gallery" option enabled in the Advanced settings? Do you see the same behaviour if you just create a copy of any file using some android file manager or if you for example create empty file with *.mp3 extension?
  14. In the current version for Android it should be possible to add folders on the external SD card and not only into specific folder. Have you tried saving it to your "Music" folder?
  15. According to the logs, it was related with many files in the folder. After Sync launched it reads information about files from the database. Because there are many files, it takes some time to read the database. So it's not related to internet connection, it is necessary to just wait until Sync reads all information from the database.