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  1. Obviously yes! Personaly directory; From terminal. Anyway, problem solved the fault lies with the browser cache!
  2. I've installed amd64 version for Linux, from terminal if I digit ./rslsync -v i see the correct version 2.6.4 (1344) but from Web GUI on General Tab I see the version 2.6.3! Probably is a bug...I've tried in two Linux Machine, same issue.
  3. Instead of asking too many questions if Resilio is alive or dead, we advertise this project! The more users use, the more we guarantee the life of this company! Share Resilio on your social! 👍
  4. Hi Neinstein, the cheapest solutions I found are: OVH Kimsufi; Time4VPS Storage VPS (often offer 50% discounts); SoYouStart ARM Server.
  5. Hi, yes I'm still using Resilio with cryptography. All problems are solved and the system is now perfect. Some tips I can give you: * OVH cuts the band to p2p transfers, you can find another discussion here on the forum, so do not use it as a remote server. * The NAS must have at least 4GB of RAM and must be 64bit. * Initially transfer one directory at a time, too many at the same time overload the CPU.
  6. Are you referring to the yellow/green background that notice around the icon?
  7. Alice, Bob and Pizza! Excellent choices!
  8. Dho, I updated my devices to the previous version this morning. Thanks for the work RomanZ!
  9. @RomanZ @GreatMarko can you publish the changelog of this new release? Thank you
  10. ? You're right, I did not notice it! So it's still weird anymore ...
  11. The distribution of this update is really strange, however the changelog can be found here: https://forum.resilio.com/topic/43750-showing-upgrade-to-259/?do=findComment&comment=121945
  12. Sorry, where is this link "Added link to Customer Portal for license management"? Andrea
  13. Okay, this afternoon has ended the transfer of a shared folder. 250Gb in two weeks due to bug, 400Gb in three days! Now start the synchronization of one of the two remaining folders!
  14. Uhm maybe I solved, I have 13 shared folders. Of them 3 had not finished synchronizing, and they are the three largest folders by file and size. I disconnected two of them, the web interface quickly became fast and now about 30 minutes the sending speed is constant, 20Mb/s. Keep you up to date...
  15. This morning I installed the official version of the Resilio package for QNAP (Sync for x86_64), the qpkg file. However, saving the old storagepath to avoid new synchronization. The situation does not change, the web interface is very slow to open and also synchronization of data. Looking at the sync.log file I know the repetition of these messages which I believe to be error: In particular, the message "Broken pipe" repeats itself very much!
  16. Hi guys, for two weeks now I'm synchronizing data on my NAS to a remote server. Sync is terribly slow, but not a bandwidth problem. The data transfer is inconsistent, I'll explain it better. I'm currently synchronizing, with encryption, a folder with 975,000 files of about 668Gb. They are all RAW images. Just look at the story/log to see what happens, NAS transfers files every 6, 8, or 10 minutes. Not continuously! If I control the data traffic of my network it is clear that the upload stream (the blue graph) is not constant but there are only peaks. Now I've thought that the Resilio process takes a long time to encrypt data, so I connected to my NAS via ssh and the rslsync process never occupies more than 25% of the CPU. The priority of the rslsync process was at 0, so I took priority to -10 and then -19. Nothing has changed. After that I thought that the reading and temp writing of the data to be encrypted is slow, so I checked the processes that read and write with iotop. But surprisingly I have seen that it often occupies 0% of the resources. In two weeks I'm not even 50% of the transfer, I do not understand. Other smaller folders (100Gb) went smoothly and with full regularity. Some data on my current configuration: NAS: QNAP TS-453A with 8Gb of RAM (50% free around) QNAP QTS: build 20170624 Resilio version: 2.5.4 x64 (Manual installation) Remote Server: HP i7 with 16Gb of RAM Debian Jessie Resilio version: 2.5.4 x64 Can you please help me to figure out what's happening? If you need logs or other data to write to me, I am a regular home licensed user. Thanks Andrea
  17. Hi Guys, I recently found the company time4vps. It offers VPS for storage, with 4Gb of RAM at great prices (https://www.time4vps.eu/storage-servers/) Has anyone ever made purchases from them?
  18. Sorry what's is the difference between Sync Home Pro and Sync Family Pro? Thanks Andrea
  19. Hi, I think there is a mistake in the official guide. You wanted to write single and not singe. Andrea
  20. Hello guys, I'm currently using Resilio Sync to synchronize data between two NAS and a small home server. I want to synchronize data (about 4Tb) on an external server outside Italy to prevent natural phenomena (too many earthquakes in the last 10 years). I currently use a SoYouStart OVH server, the storage version with 2Gb of RAM and 4Tb of memory (25euro/month). It has an ARM processor, but the main problem is RAM. 2Gb are few, I have so many small files, and Resilio crashes because the memory ends. I've only found far more carefull solutions, more than $30 a month. Has anyone already addressed this problem? Do you know how to recommend another provider? Yes, I could use rclone with Hubic...but honestly preferred Resilio! Thanks Andrea