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  1. Hi, I think there is a mistake in the official guide. You wanted to write single and not singe. Andrea
  2. Hello guys, I'm currently using Resilio Sync to synchronize data between two NAS and a small home server. I want to synchronize data (about 4Tb) on an external server outside Italy to prevent natural phenomena (too many earthquakes in the last 10 years). I currently use a SoYouStart OVH server, the storage version with 2Gb of RAM and 4Tb of memory (25euro/month). It has an ARM processor, but the main problem is RAM. 2Gb are few, I have so many small files, and Resilio crashes because the memory ends. I've only found far more carefull solutions, more than $30 a month. Has anyone already addressed this problem? Do you know how to recommend another provider? Yes, I could use rclone with Hubic...but honestly preferred Resilio! Thanks Andrea
  3. Hi, today I have tryed to update my BtSync installtion to RslSync 2.4.0 on my two QNAP TS-459 Pro II. Before I had the last version of BtSync (not RslSync) and work very well. When I try to start RslSync I receive the following error: Normally I downloaded the i386 version, but I always tried the amd64 version and always generates an error: Can you fix this bug? Thanks Andrea
  4. Hi, I currently have 2 NAS with 10 folders and synchronized with BtSync (about 4TB of data). All folders are in advanced mode, I have a personal Pro license. I would buy a server at other provider, taking advantage of the new encryption feature. But I just found out, I believe, that I can not use my current advanced folders. Right? In the future, expect to also turn pro folders for encryption mechanism? Thanks Andrea
  5. Tonight I installed BtSync 2.3.0 in my two QNAP TS-459 Pro II. Everything works fine, it took about 30 minutes to indexing file and show me the web panel. But everything seems to be fine...
  6. The bandwidth is 100 Mb/s, usually I transfer the ISO of BackBox Linux (they are a team member). So files from 700Mb to 2Gb. I never tried to change the value of "low_hdd_priority", I try and I'll know. Thank you
  7. No no, I have dedicate server.Intel i5 quadcore And 16Gb of RAM! Strangely if I use Transmission I reach 10MB/s. Yet the protocol should be the same.
  8. Have you solved your problem? I also have problems of slowness from a server Kimsufi on OVH. Maximum 1MB/s upload.
  9. Hi, in the Italian translation of the website getsync.com there is an error. The top bar will show "Lista Sync" but the correct translation is "Scarica Sync". Bye Bye Andrea
  10. ...and a Happy New Year!!! Andrea
  11. Very good thanks! Please update Raspi package!
  12. @Helen, I confirm my problem was solved with the new version 2.2.0! thank you
  13. @Helen, my problem has been fixed in this version? I do not see a resolution in the changelog! Inviato dal mio iPad utilizzando Tapatalk
  14. Hi, the problem is in the folders 2.0! I do not have folders 1.x! Now I'm back to version 2.1.1 is everything works, I'm transferring 70GB correctly the last two weeks. I have already written to the Support, and I picked up the log before returning to the previous version. I await their response.
  15. We have a problem, great! After upgrading to version 2.1.2 and 2.1.3 my 2 Qnap NAS and server Cent OS do not exchange more files. I will contact the assistance...