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  1. Hi, I see now that you used my translations in Italian;) great!
  2. Thanks @RomanZ, I hope that in this version have been resolved issues with Linux that I pointed out. I also warned Emmet via eMail for two phrases not translated into Italian.
  3. [OT]Matteo is an Italian name, you're Italian?
  4. Hi Team, I have a strange anomaly with BtSync 2. The problem arose from version x.104! I have two QNAP NAS and one CentOS server, the two NAS share the same folders while the server only two. After a few days of the starting the two NAS BtSync lose synchronization bringing me back "0 of 0 peers" for some folders. Just that I reboot the BtSync process in one of two NAS and everything goes back to work. The strange thing is that some folders are synchronized, some not. And if I go to Menu> "My Devices ..." I'm not seeing the other devices. But the folders still active synchronizes properly. I am attaching some screenshots! I restarted the process, only in one NAS, and synchronization is active in ALL folders.
  5. Hi @GreatMarko, you have reversed the links for i386 and amd64 versions of Linux and FreeBSD.
  6. Hello, is it possible introduce a panel that allows me to see the upload speed and download for each individual peers during the exchange of files? For now you can only see the total speed for all peers. Thanks Andrea
  7. This road I like, continue the search for a perfect product. I will, again, your customer.
  8. Hi, what is the maximum speed of your Internet connection? And the set speed limit?
  9. Ok, I await the next release prior to upgrade! Thanks Andrea
  10. In version 1 peers unconnected were deleted after seven days since the last connection.
  11. It's "normal" ... http://forum.bittorrent.com/index.php?/topic/34059-Status-Icon-Don%27t-Show
  12. ok, I started to downgrade to version 1.4.111 on all my nas! this version is fine!