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  1. Hi guys, something I cannot understand in this context: I cannot get any connection between my PC in the office and NAS at home (in China). So far so "normal". But then the two connect without any problem to a client who sits in Germany! I really wonder how that works and wouldn't that be part of the solution? Talking solution: can't Resilio set up alternative server/mirror in China? This should be relatively simple, or?
  2. hm, I extensively tested in the local LAN but "naturally" the results are the same vis internet. I, of course, switched on all options from using DHT, relay server, etc. waited for hours, etc. Even used predefined hosts as well as tried UPnP and manual portforwarding. No success. What strikes me is that it works for certain folder pairs on different computers. Old versions of BTSync recognized the presence of the PCs/Laptop/Server and synced all folders related to this appliance. The "new" version seems to soley think in terms of folders and doesn't seem to share the found connections with o
  3. I get "failed to set IP_ADD_MEMBERSHIP for XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:0: -1" errors on WIN7 (86 and 64) and "UPnP: Device error "http://192.168.XXX.XXX:2869/upnphost/udhisapi.dll?content=uuid:XXX": (-2) NAT-PMP: Unable to map port with NAT-PMP" von Linux (Qnap NAS) with this and 1.4.75 version. It's very weird - I sync 4-5 folders between 2 laptops & NAS and 2 external PCs. Some folders sync between two machines instantly but e.g. the same folder won't sync at all on a third+ machine although in some wicked combination all computers are connected ("see eachother") but e.g. folder A on PC A is